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Digital Marketing in the "Secure Age"


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Digital Marketing in the "Secure Age"

Published in: Technology
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Digital Marketing in the "Secure Age"

  1. 1. Thank you.
  2. 2. DIGITAL MARKETING IN THE “SECURE AGE” Christopher Geiser Chief Technology Officer – The Garrigan Lyman Group
  3. 3. GLG Fun Facts • 24 years young • Privately held • Grew up digital • Headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices in Boise, and NYC • About 125 employees • Enterprise and SMB clients
  4. 4. GLG Clients
  5. 5. GLG Services Data and insights Brand strategy User experience Digital retail Advertising Media strategy Creative and content Search and social Systems integration Web development E-commerce Managed services
  6. 6. Achieving Balance Fast IT Core IT
  7. 7. Guiding Principles simplicityscale performanceextensibility security • Meet current needs • Evolve as market conditions change • Take on new data sources • Reach across components • Increase the value of each component • Perform to standards • Make technology invisible • Protect customer data • Protect intellectual property • Minimal customizations • Minimal work- arounds
  8. 8. Skillsets Enterprise code frameworks and repeatable patterns that follow industry best practices without sacrificing innovation. Responsive, mobile-first front-end frameworks that allow for innovation and extensibility. Managed services such as hosting, content delivery network, security, and active monitoring. Actionable analytics and managed data services (MDS) that tell the key performance indicator (KPI) story and provide a clear path to opportunity and optimization.
  9. 9. The Team Technology Development Operations IT Implementation Quality Assurance
  10. 10. The Wayback Machine
  11. 11. The Wayback Machine 1999 GLG starts hosting websites Enterprise Clients 2005 National Product Launches 2011 Enterprise Clients start ”truing it up” 01/2012 UH OH Award 2000 12/2012 Present- Continued Maturation 2012
  12. 12. Hosting • Different from other agencies – wanted the hosting business • Hosting offered clients a turnkey solved problem • Performance and security needed to go hand-in-hand • Applications and sites became progressively more complex - Gradually – and then – Suddenly • More data = more danger – no risk, no reward
  13. 13. Sometimes it takes a meltdown…. • Security minded, but not security mature • Projects were treated individually based on perceived risk • No holistic approach to “what’s in the box” from a security perspective • Meltdown pointed out the flaws in that thinking • We forgot it was there
  14. 14. “Act as if…” • …it’s enterprise • …it has compliance needs • …it is a target • …the data is sensitive – all data is sensitive
  15. 15. What was working? • Turnkey solution with a hosting provider – already running solutions like Alert Logic • Sites were secured by default, with measures put in when the stack was lit up • Breaking down the model revealed the path to success • Leveraging compliance requirements from clients allowed us to reverse engineer our way to maturity, and into the cloud
  16. 16. Current and Evolving State • Compliance minded – cloud driven • Owning the shared responsibility model • Guiding principles drive the design process • We don’t know what we don’t know – partnerships are critical • There is no such thing as a small incident • It never stops!
  17. 17. Case Studies
  18. 18. Thank You.