Online Insurance - Easiest Way of Buying Insurance


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Online Insurance - Easiest Way of Buying Insurance

  1. 1. Is Buying Insurance Online Safe?<br />When buying insurance online, there are many factors that should be your consideration, especially privacy.<br />There are many websites that sell customer’s information to other sources.<br />In such a scenario, should you really put your hands in fire?<br />
  2. 2. Tips To Protect Your Information From Being Sold Online<br />What type of website have you chosen for your service?<br />When you buy life insurance online there are three main types of websites that you can come across: <br />Carrier Site – A carrier site is a life insurance company that issues policies only specific to its service. <br />Agency Sites – An agency site is one who sells policies online of multiple carriers. They allow you to browse multiple carriers/agencies and quotes at once.<br />Lead Generating Sites – Though people consider lead generator sites as agency sites, they are never the same. They only provide quotes for different products and services but their aim is to sell your contact information to different insurance companies.<br /> With reference to above, please make sure that you submit your contact information to only carrier and agency sites.<br />
  3. 3. How To Decide Which Is Agency Site?<br />License – Agency websites are licensed by the state to sell insurance and their license information is always present on the website. You should always read the license.<br />Contact Us – An agency website will always their address details listed on the website. Every multiple location information, along with telephone number, zip code, live chat is given on the website.<br />About Us – An agency website will always be trustworthy to their customers. They will have an about us page which will depict information about their agency and their services.<br />Meet The Board of Directors – An agency website will <br /> always list the photographs of their board of directors and speak about their role in the organization.<br />
  4. 4. Other Important Factors:<br />BBB – Better Business Bureau standards are always followed by agency websites that is meant to service public’s expectations.<br />Verisign Secured – This ensures that the website will always protect your personal information with an encryption.<br />
  5. 5. Last Words:<br />There are vast number of insurance companies available online who sell their policies. So the decision to choose one actually depends on your personal comfort. <br />Rely on reputable companies and choose the best policy online for you and your family. <br />Always, ensure that you browse the website.<br />
  6. 6. What About<br /> is an independent insurance company licensed in different cities and states in India.<br />For buying insurance online at AEGON Religare, visit<br />Online Service includes –<br /> 1. Online Term Insurance/iMaximize Plan [Unique Triple Protection Feature]<br /> 2. Online ULIP/iTerm Plan [Covers all forms of death and terrorist attacks.]<br /> 3. Online Health Insurance [Comprehensive heath insurance guaranteed.]<br />
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