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Jack dorsey entrepreneur


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Jack dorsey entrepreneur

  2. 2. Jack Dorsey Born November 19, 1976 (Age 35) Place of Birth St. Louis, Missouri, U.S Residence San Francisco, California, U.S. Occupation Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Invertor Net Worth $1.13 Billion (est.) Companies Twitter - FourSquareDorsey at the 2012 Time 100 Gala This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  3. 3. Biography & SynopsisComputer programmer and entrepreneur Jack Dorsey (born November 19, 1976) is anAmerican web developer and businessman widely known as the creator of Twitter and as thefounder and CEO of Square, a mobile payments company. In 2008, he was named to the MITTechnology Review TR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.Innovator and commuter programmer, Jack Dorsey, is best known as the creator of Twitter, asocial media tool that uses short messages to share personal expression. In the beginning, theservice was deemed shallow and ego-driven by many a naysayer, but it gained respect as it wasused by major organizations and movements as a powerful platform for political, social, andpersonal campaigns. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  4. 4. Early LifeDorsey grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and by age 13, he had become interested in dispatchrouting. Some of the open sourcesoftware he created in the area of dispatch logistics is stillused by many taxi cab companies. He went to high school at Bishop DuBourg HighSchool and attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology before subsequentlytransferring to New York University, where he first conceived the idea for Twitter.While working on dispatching as a programmer he later moved to California.In Oakland in 2000, Dorsey started his company to dispatch couriers, taxis, and emergencyservices from the Web. His other projects and ideas at this time included networks of medicaldevices and a "frictionless service market". In July 2000, building on dispatching and inspired inpart by LiveJournal and possibly by AOL Instant Messenger, he had the idea for a Web-basedrealtime status/short message communication service.When he first saw implementations of instant messaging, Dorsey had wondered if thesoftwares user status output could be shared among friends easily. He approached Odeo, whoat the time happened to be interested in text messaging. Dorsey and Biz Stone decided thatSMS text suited the status message idea, and built a prototype of Twitter in about two weeks.The idea attracted many users at Odeo and investment from Evan Williams who hadleft Google after selling them Pyra Labs and Blogger. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  5. 5. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  6. 6. Creation of Twitter, Inc.After a brief stint at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Dorsey transferred to New YorkUniversity. In the tradition of computer science entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and MarkZuckerberg, he dropped out of college before receiving his degree. Instead, Dorsey moved to Oakland,California, and in 2000 started a company offering his dispatch software through the Web. Shortly after startinghis company, Dorsey came up with the idea for a site that would combine the broad reach of dispatch softwarewith the ease of instant messaging, and approached a now-defunct Silicon Valley company called Odeo topitch the concept. "He came to us with this idea: What if you could share your status with all your friends reallyeasily, so they know what youre doing?" said Biz Stone, a former Odeo executive. Dorsey, Stone and Odeoco-founder Evan Williams started a new company, called Obvious, which later evolved into Twitter. Within twoweeks, Dorsey had built a simple site where users could instantly post short messages of 140 characters orless, known in Twitter parlance as "tweets.“ On March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey posted the worlds first tweet:"just setting up my twttr."Dorsey, Stone and Noah Glass co-founded Obvious which then spun off Twitter, Inc. In his role during thepivotal days of the companys founding, a compilation chronicling the originally named "twttr" and the timeleading up to the official launch, is shown in a timeline of tweets revealing Twitters beginnings. As chiefexecutive officer, Dorsey saw the startup through two rounds of funding by the venture capitalists who backedthe company. On October 16, 2008 Williams took over the role of CEO, and Dorsey became chairman of theboard. On March 28, 2011, Dorsey returned to Twitter as Executive Chairman.As the service grew in popularity, Dorsey chose improving uptime as top priority, even over creating revenue –which, as of 2008, Twitter was not designed to earn. Dorsey described the commercial use of Twitter and itsAPI as two things that could lead to paid features. His three guiding principles, which are shared by the wholecompany and through its culture, are simplicity, constraint and craftsmanship. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  7. 7. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  8. 8. Twitter SuccessTwitter was initially derided by some as a tool for the shallow and self-centered to broadcast theminutiae of their lives to the universe. Late-night comedy host Conan OBrien even featured asegment called "Twitter Tracker" that mocked users of the service. In its early days, the site alsosuffered from frequent service outages. But as celebrities and CEOs alike began tweeting,Twitter was no longer the brunt of so many jokes. Suddenly the head of the "microblogging"movement, Twitter became a powerful platform for U.S. Presidential candidates BarackObama and John McCain in 2008, as a method for updating their supporters while on thecampaign trail.Twitter vaulted to international prominence after the June 2009 presidential elections in Iran,when thousands of opposition supporters took to the streets to protest the claimed victory ofincumbent Mahmoud Ahmedinajad. When the government blocked text messaging and satellitefeeds of foreign news coverage, Iranian Twitter users flooded the site with live updates. A U.S.State Department official even emailed Dorsey to request that Twitter delay its scheduledmaintenance so that protestors could keep tweeting. "It appears Twitter is playing an importantrole at a crucial time in Iran. Could you keep it going?" said a State Department spokesman,describing the call. Twitter complied. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
  9. 9. Beyond Twitter2010, Twitter had more than 800 million users who together tweeted some 400 million times aday. Jack Dorsey, however, had set his sights on other projects. He became an investor in thesocial networking company Foursquare and launched a new venture, Square, which allowspeople to receive credit card payments through a tiny device plugged in to their mobile phoneor computer. Twitter may have already revolutionized the way that people communicate, butDorsey isnt done yet. "In terms of technology, were going to see a better and more immediateexperience around the everyday things we do in life," Dorsey said. Creation of FourSquare, Inc.Dorsey developed a small business platform to accept debit and credit cards on a mobiledevice called Square, released in May 2010. The small, square-shaped device attaches toiPhone, iPad or Android devices via the headphone jack, and as a mini card reader allows aperson to swipe their card, choose an amount to give to the recipient and then sign their namefor confirmation. Square is also a system for sending paperless receipts via text message oremail, and is available as a free app for iOS and Android OS. The company grew from 10employees in December 2009 to over a hundred employees by June 2011. Squares office islocated on Mission Street in San Franciscos South of Market neighborhood. In September2012 Business Insider magazine valued Square Inc. at $3.2 billion. This is made by Gökhan Özkök ( 282364 ) for ENGG437 Assignment#1
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