Premarital sex


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Premarital sex

  1. 1. PREMARITAL SEX A Reaction Paper Submitted to:Mr. RYAN OMAR VALLEGA REYES Submitted by: ALEMAR A. ALLECER BSMT – 2A January 25, 2013
  2. 2. Premarital sex is sexual intercourse engaged in bypersons who areUnmarried .It is generally used in reference to individuals who are presumed not yet ofmarriageable age or between adults who will presumably marry eventually, but whoare engaging in sexual activity prior to marriage. . Accordingly, it was designed for married couples to enjoy, hence the Famous quote: “true love waits until marriage.” The norms of philippinesociety say that it isNot normal or it is immoral to engage in premarital sex, but despite this, people just cannotWait until they get wedded. This accounts for the prevalence of premarital sex in the country.At present, one can say that it’s normal to know people who had sex already. But What’s alarming is the rapid growth of the number of people who had sex before marriage.Different researches show the rise of this number. In the last century, only a few, if not zero,Gave themselves to premarital sex.This information if compared to present data would giveAn overwhelming difference.Statistics in 2008 showed that premarital sex was prevalent in30% of the filipinos. Thisfigured is actually small when compared to western countries. In The usa, 75% of thewomen would say that they already experienced premarital sex whenThey reached theage of nineteen. However, it would not seem right to compare a lessDeveloped countrylike the philippines to far way more urbanized and liberal countries in theWest. Thefigure 30% is, in fact, a very high number, taking to account the nature of
  3. 3. filipinos.nevertheless, these data only show that attitudes towards sex have changeddramatically over The past years (villaverde, 2010). Practicing premarital sex is more often attributed to men. It is for the reason thatMales are more aggressive than females. However, as mentioned earlier, things have changed.If things were taken back to the first place, it is necessary to know why people have sex at all.The answer is as simple as reproduction. However, later in time sex was viewed inanother Way. It is said that premarital sex is only just for pleasure. Moreover, sex is saidto be fun.Obviously, sex before marriage is indeed used for pleasure. This perceptionhas contributedTo hasty boost in the incidence of premarital sex in the philippines. Mostprobably, this pleasure is the reason for the people’s positive regards to premarital sex.As a matter of fact,Women are now competing with men in terms of sexual experience.This is brought about byWomen’s newly developed permissive attitude towards sex(villaverde, 2001). Different people might have various reasons in committing premarital sex asidefrom positive view on sex. Some people might just be financially incapable of beingmarried, thus,They engage in premarital intercourse. Some could just be doing it tobuild up an image inFront of their peers. The worse part here is that people who committhe said act are not onlyExposing themselves to some risks but they are staining thetraditional filipino image of being conservative (baumer and south, 2001). This is not tosay that premarital sex is totallyWrong that it should be eliminated but it’s just that this
  4. 4. action possesses potential risks whichMight affect not only the individuals involved in itbut the society, where they belong, asWell. Things always change, especially now that it is the modern era (frias, 2001). AlongWith this, the norms also change. However, it’s just sad to note that things have just goneWorse. The idea that sex is just for fun is actually a very cheap reason to engage in premaritalIntercourse. Nobody knows if these people who do it even weigh the pleasure they get from itAgainst the different consequences which they might encounter. An even more disturbing factIs that the age range of people who do it is getting younger and younger. Recent researches,which show a large figure of the number of people having premarital intercourse, wereConducted on young adults whose ages are from fifteen to twenty-five. In fact, according toThe 2002 young adult fertility and sexuality study by the university of the Philippines Population institute (uppi) and the demographic research development foundation,Twenty-six percent of the filipino youth nationwide from ages fifteen to twenty-fiveConfessed to have had premarital sex experience (singson, 2008). This is a very shockingEvent. This should be able to call the attention of the authorities to make proper actions.However, things are still in the hands of the people. From childhood, filipinos were alwaysTaught that premarital sex is wrong, yet many still engage in it. Moreover, individuals or theYouth themselves who practice this kind of deed say that they were only being more open toThings which their parents did in secret (atkinson and hilgard, 1985).
  5. 5. They are more exposedTo such things.As a direct result the number of teenagepregnancy also rose to a jaw-dropping figure.The 1998 national demographic andhealth survey (ndhs) revealed that 3.6 million of Female teenagers, which comprised5.2 % of the philippine population of that time, gotpregnant. Furthermore, in 92 % ofthese teens, the pregnancy was unwanted and unplanned(singson, 2008). Thesefigures are already very high for such an early period. Consequently,Abortion is usuallyto follow. Also noted in the said survey was a staggering abortion rateWhich wasrecorded to be 25 per 1000 women. This amount did not even cover all abortionsForthere are cases when such incidents are not reported. Other than the increasedabortionRate is also the higher prevalence of aids and other sexually transmitteddiseases. Premarital Sex contributes to the worsening condition of the country.Thereare certain factors which urge or influence the people’s view on sex. One istheAdvancement in contraception. Actually, this advancement is not surprising at all forit isbrought by modernization and advancements in medical technology. It has actually alot of Advantages: it prevents pregnancy and reduces the risks for std. However, has resulted toThe change in the people’s attitude toward sex (villaverde, 2010). Because of this, there is aHigher chance of having an even bigger number of occurrences of premarital sex in theCountry. Additionally, the media always had a great influence on the people’s judgement of Things. Filipino teens have higher exposure to sex from television, movies, magazines, andMost importantly the internet. They learn these things, yet they don’t know how to handleThings and they are left to their peer for opinions.Premarital sex is high in
  6. 6. the philippines. This is somehow embarrassing to think thatThephilippinesis said to be a christian country. The dominant religions in the country areChristianity and islam. Both put value on sex as part of a married life. Moreover, Filipinos Are conservative in nature. They put value on morality. Despite this, there is still a highprevalence of premarital sex in the country. Premarital sex is alarming in the country. It has grown in such a fast rate and it isSurprising that people involved in it are very young and possess little knowledge of the risksThey may face. There are various reasons of why people engage in premarital sex. Such Reasons may be as shallow as pleasure. One of these reasons is media which is a great factor Which leads to high frequency of the said act. Different people have varied views toward sexAnd other people should be careful in their reactions. Therefore, one can only criticize thephenomena of high prevalence of premarital sex but he/she can never judge a person becauseOf his different perceptions about things.REFERENCE