The flag


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The flag

  1. 1. NAME OF THE GAME: THE FLAG.PLACE: OUTDOORS. Draw a line down the centre of the playing PICTURE:field. Set a fort and a jail for each team at each end of the field.MATERIAL: Two flags, cones and coloured vests.TIME: 30 minutes.NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Between 20-30 players. 30ORGANIZATION: Divide the class into two rival teams. Assign team videA to one end of the playing field and team B to the other.INSTRUCTIONS:The field between team A’s fort and the central line is consideredsafe for team A, and the space between team B’s fort and the weencentral line is safe for team B. Once a member of team A crossesinto team B’s territory, he or she can be captured and taken toteam B’s jail and vice-versa. The goal of the game is for each to cross safely into the enemy te territory and capture the rivalteam’s flag. The team members must then attempt to bring itsafely back to their own fort.