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Mrs sarakosti


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Mrs sarakosti

  1. 1. Mrs Sarakosti It’s a custom known all over Greece. Grandmother used to draw on paper MrsSarakosti, a lady that had her eyelids down, her mouth was patiently closed and herhands were crossed on her breast posturing for a prayer. She had seven legs, eachone corresponding to each one of the seven weeks of the fasting period. Grandmother used to hung this painting below the icon stand (iconostasis). EverySaturday, each one of her grandchildren, successively, used to cut one of the legsuntil only one leg remained, representing the week before Easter. Grandmothercoiled that leg into a small ball and put it inside the bread for Christ’s Resurrectionnight. The father cut that bread into slices and used to distribute them to all familymembers being present at Easter’s meal. The most joyful one was the person whofound the last Mrs Sarakosti’s leg in his slice of bread. This custom has been kept in some Greek regions until today and people enjoy itvery much, because it is harmonized with the atmosphere of these days.