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Latvia game

  1. 1. Game: Adam had 7 sons (Ādamam bij’7 dēli)Country: LatviaPlayers: Boys and girlsAge: differentNumber of players: the more the better All participants stand in a circle and one or two of them in themiddle of it. All go in a circle to dance way, holding hands and singing:"Ādamam bij 7 dēli, 7 dēli, ne tie ēda, ne tie dzēra, ne tie zin kas jādara,ne tie ēda, ne tie dzēra, ne tie zin kas jādara. Visi dara tā!” When thesong stops, those who were in the midle must show something whatothers have to do, for example, jump on one foot, hug somebody, claphands....... The one who does not know how to do this or can’t do suchdifficult, strange thing, goes in the middle and the game continuesfrom the beginning. Middle may have an unlimited number ofparticipants. Game finishes when participants are tiredAims of the game. This is a very popular and attractive game for all age groups,which is played in both kindergarten and school, and also adult parties.Game helps to make friends. It is funny, moving and exciting. It is alsoa nice way how to learn some sentences from foreign language.
  2. 2. Game: Last pair dividesCountry: LatviaPlayers: Boys and girlsAge: From 6 years old and overNumber of players: the more the better Pairs, with connected hands, stay in line one behind the other.One of the players stands in front of the row and calls: "The last coupledivides!" Those who are the last pair divide, and run to the front ofeach line along its side and try to connect their hands again. The onewho was calling : „Last couple divides!” is trying to catch one of thepair members. If he/she catches one from the pair he/she becomes anew pair and goes to front of the line as the first pair. If the callerdidn’t catch somebody from the pair, then he/she is a caller again andthe game starts from the beginning.Aim of the game. The main aim is to catch somebody from the pair and to standinfront of the row. Pair aim is not to loose the partner because thenyou become a caller and have to catch another player to make a newpair. This is also a very popular game in Latvia for drifferent agegroups. Speed, good reflexes, flexibility, concentration and co-operation between the players, are the most important characteristicsof this game.