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The Ultimate Theory Of Human Society - LPT - Social (Change) Theory


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For all truth-lovers, we rejoice in the theories that are empirically-backed and better explain our society. This robust theory offers mind-changing experiences in multiple realms that are captivating and make people think.

Did you know that crime does pay?
Good guys really finish last?
Is the negative selection just a myth?
Why are IQ tests stalling?

This theory we call LPT has the power to predict social change, explain resource allocation and empower not just policy but professional and personal development.

So, rejoice. We hope you will read it and give us your most honest feedback.

Here is our Social Pyramid Theory we use to explain society in one of many ways.

Read it. Enjoy it. Join us.


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We call scientific truths #veritisms

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The Ultimate Theory Of Human Society - LPT - Social (Change) Theory

  1. 1. The World Is Made Of Pyramids The Ultimate Theory of The Human Society LPT by Aleksandar V Ribak AVR © All Rights Reserved 2019 Implications for YOUR political preferences YOUR world outlook YOUR psychology and peace Marketing Economics
  2. 2. Ever wondered why you are not as rich as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, or never won a Nobel prize like Paul Krugman who said in 1998 ‘the internet won’t change the world, it is just a hype, and it will be like a ‘fax machine’’ …while you feel capable of doing so? Are capabilities really that important? Do we live in a world in which crime doesn’t pay? Do good guys really finish last? Read this presentation to understand society and yourself better. We make it look easy and ‘childish’, but it’s serious. By The Real Science Foundation Written by Aleksandar V Ribak AVR © All Rights Reserved 2019
  3. 3. One Way To Look At Society By The Real Science Foundation Veritism (From Veritas: Truth) is the daily utilization of empirically-backed science ONLY. We call these truths #veritisms. There is sadly also a lot of mambo-jumbo in science nowadays. Not everyone sees veritisms or lives them, even in science. We invite those who live and can see most #veritisms to join us while we help families and individuals accept the #veritisms from science so that they could become as happy as they can be. No one is perfect. But Veritism members strive for mindful growth and perennially increase their own capabilities. We network and groom the best people with #veritisms… About Veritism The Little Pyramid Theory coming in 4 slides from now!!!
  4. 4. One Way To Look At Society The Little Pyramid Theory The Little Pyramid Theory sees a continuum of mindfulness levels in which self-awareness varies: Self-awareness is the ability to comprehend the worlds inside of you and the one outside of you in a singular, seamless, and integrated way throughout and within each situation wherein you can enjoy observing. Mindfulness is the ability to feel the bliss and be one with yourself and the nature around you. The problems in society arise when positions that require higher mindfulness are given to those who cannot do them well because they lack mindfulness. Simple. We need mindful people in complex leadership positions requiring minds. Minor self-awareness/mindfulness Total mindfulness The Little Pyramid Theory coming in 3 slides from now!!!
  5. 5. One Way To Look At Society The Little Pyramid Theory The Little Pyramid Theory sees a continuum of mindfulness levels in which self-awareness varies: Mindfulness and self awareness are not the same things. Mindful ≠ Self-aware Mindful people are healthy people who feel joy and bliss. They want to aid. Self-aware are people who can see themselves outside themselves using mindfulness, but these same people can become vile and bitter and lose their mindfulness along the way while preserving self-awareness in the process. Minor self-awareness/mindfulness Total mindfulness The Little Pyramid Theory coming in 2 slides from now!!!
  6. 6. One Way To Look At Society The Little Pyramid Theory At Veritism we search for mindful people who need to increase their self-awareness. We can teach self-awareness with tests, but we usually cannot make people more mindful. Minor self-awareness but has mindfulness. Total mindfulness You can make everyone a bit more self-aware, only for one such person to conclude that the purpose of life is to kill everyone. Hence why we find dangerous to empower people who are not mindful at the same time. They can easily turn to the ‘dark side’ and do harm. Because they ‘miss a mind’ but know how to act smart and appear, they are like puppets with knifes. The Little Pyramid Theory coming in 1 slides from now!!!
  7. 7. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) Explaining the current states and evolving changes in organizations and society by using the LPT and its predictive powers Aleksandar V Ribak All Rights Reserved © 2019 Here it goes! Enjoy!
  8. 8. And here is our little theory of a hypothetical ‘perfect’ society • In a perfect society the most mindful people should be atop as they are naturally limited to be benevolent and on average have the best leadership and intellectual abilities. Why? Take our Udemy course to learn more about the biophysical and quantum origins of our minds and how they are made. Who has more and who has less mind. Visit The genetic variety among mankind is so large that THERE IS inherent capacity in some people to do harm. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any crime or suffering on Earth. At Veritism we believe that the more mindful people are empowered the better the world gets as long as they are NOT OBLIVIOUS that empowerment for non-mindful people that is sometimes forced by good intentions, make the world a worse place. Empowering evil brings sorrow and crime. It teaches people how to look mindful only. Not to be so. • In a ‘perfect’ society everyone has the freedom to empower oneself and doesn’t get pushed to it by a top-down approach of anyone thinking for her or him. Structured Napoleonic education? • At different levels of the social pyramid, different segments are formed that are MORE like one another internationally, then they are usually similar intranationally, moderated by levels of economic development. Meaning Indian billionaires are more similar to the USA ones than to their 9-5 or unemployed people. Same with scientists, same with journalists, same with almost all segments. LPT Here it goes! Enjoy!
  9. 9. What about the reality in 2020? Today when you look at the data, motives, and results of criminal investigations outside of what good people by default want to believe (people are good?) we come to a conclusion that in developed ‘empowered’ countries, we have a negative selection. Year by year, things get worse. Crime pays more. Leadership is about managing evolution towards greater levels of mindfulness so that we don’t need a top-down approach to society, and we are happy to be self-sufficient human beings living in peace & harmony. We are probably a few millennia far from it. Today crime does pay (around 1300 USD/week on average or 900 GBP/week in the UK only from the reported crimes while most is unreported). And yes, no good deed is left unpunished, and good guys finish last. These are the cultural norms of 2019. LPT • This pyramid on this slide is mostly black because most empowered individuals are dark, ”mindless”, resource-driven exploitators in developed countries. ‘Developed countries’ are behind near all major massacres in human history because they empowered everybody with a top-down approach. Why and where are the studies to back this up? Visit • To reach the top of business you have to doge taxes in tax heavens. To reach the top of politics you have to take bribes and make illegal deals. To reach the top in science you have to underwrite wrong theories from the past to keep your job and exploit PhD students. To join the media you need to listen what you are told and report what is beneficial for shareholders and ad buyers…so….it is real. No minds… Visit if you want the studies.
  10. 10. The Little Pyramid Theory or (LPT) is a theory that the author based on empirical observations believes properly describes the nature and structure of human society. The LPT acknowledges that in each social group there is usually a pyramidal distribution of resources, recognitions and power. IMPORTANT NOTE: Different parts of the pyramid share different outlooks on life, have their habits on how they consume content, vote on elections, see the elections, behave publicly or privately, they have different levels of self-awareness, and possesses variety of different skills. However, there are always some things that make a continuum in all spheres of society that decide whether a person is on top of it or at its bottom. Academia, politics, business, NGOs, media…. Can a corrupted system based on the empowered mindless people, yield mindful people at its top? The answer is today NO. They choose their own kind. Hello Mr. Trump! The current system gets peoples to power who are usually not the most mindful ones for the reason of capitalism + democracy. It is not the smartest to win, or the most mindful, but the ones who are most ready to NOT develop mindfulness in order to be entirely led by a goal that needs to be reached. Psychopaths? Not all. But many at the top are or have to become such to win election, extract profits from tax heavens, kill for power... 2020 Psychopaths need to sell themselves over and over while not being paid legally….
  11. 11. Where are we now and where we want to be in 2070? 2020 2070 This is where we are now! We can assume that we won’t have massive genetic engineering and that technology will aid us in the process to allocate the most mindful in the most powerful positions. We also must make sure that people who would use their power for perils won’t get FORCED to develop their self-awareness levels. Mindful people naturally develop self- awareness as they grow most of the times. People with inherent capacity to do evil are mostly made by a rigid top-down approach based on empowering ‘everybody’. If everyone doesn’t have the same mustaches as I have, we are obviously not all the same. So differences must be respected. (AVR) What can aid: • Basic income & transparency • New technology & science • Tailor-made education with #veritisms • Leave children alone to develop properly down-up, not top-down
  12. 12. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) ALWAYS A PYRAMID Doctors Lawyers PsychologistsPoliticians Revenues of companies Popstars The LTP can apply to all segment of human society. If you take what different people charge for their services as a rough but imprecise and operational benchmark of value, or the number of votes politicians get, or the number of quotes scientists get for their research, the PT still holds true. Think about the fees of the best doctors, lawyers the number of votes for politicians, revenues per company, quotes and citations per scientist, YouTube video views per influencer, and many other segments where we have a pyramidal distribution. Scientists
  13. 13. The Academic Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) We can see that the regularity of having a pyramidal distribution also exist in the research community. The most politically influential scientists are on top of the research pyramid while those who don’t provide meaningful contributions to the science of today are greater in number and are on the bottom of it. In all competitive fields people would always form a pyramidal distribution. However, the game determines the outcome. If the game is political it won’t be the most genius scientists to reach the top, but the most connected ones who perhaps steal research from other scientists. If the game is rotten, the top is reserved for the wicked. Hence why we have a 2020 pyramid today and aspire for a 2070 one. Most cited in top journals Average citations in medium journals Seldom citations in lower tier journals Changed course of history 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  14. 14. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) The PT holds true in the world of income allocation on global and national levels. The income based LPT can be reproduced literally in every country on Earth. There is one small part of people on top of the income pyramid that have immense fortunes, and there are many other people who have little. It doesn’t have to mean that these people are greedy and corrupted bastards for being billionaires! If the system is clean and the law is respected in spirit and form, the richest people would be the ones who created the greatest value for others. Today we are mostly at the 2020 point to the right and we aspire to get to the new breed of billionaires in 2070 like some perhaps were before the 00s…in regulated markets. Billionaires/The Wealthiest people Tribal clan leaders (parties) Average folk doing their jobs well People who weren’t fortunate with the lottery of income (no education, low income countries, etc.) LPT for income allocation on Global level 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  15. 15. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) You can apply LPT almost everywhere. The authors found more than 20 fundamental differences among different levels on the pyramid that are constant for each level of the pyramid. Each part of the pyramid is a separate ‘tribe’ or a ‘segment’. Even if you rearrange the pyramid, the traits of each level of the pyramid stay the same. Usually, different levels of these separate pyramids connect to each other. No matter how you arrange the levels (the segments) and what you put down or up on the pyramid, these segments stick together and support each other spontaneously. It works like ‘magic’ (physics). If the system is rotten these are the people who will be together on top. If the system is honest, it will be the mindful people who will again find a way to be aligned to one another. For instance, if someone subjectively rearranges the pyramidal distribution and puts the mindful on the bottom and the mindless on top, the segments will still stick together. The same attracts the same.
  16. 16. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) The differences of these groups are visible in many areas including but not limited to: ü Levels of Empathy and mindfulness (Mindful Quotient) ü Personality traits like locus of control ü Access to resources at younger age, etc. It is important to note that the author does not think that some parts of society are necessarily better than other segments of society and that everyone should be a billionaire or a Nobel laureate, but rather that in each segment of society there is a pyramidal distribution while for the upper part of the pyramid to exist, a bottom part needs to exist as well. You cannot be a billionaire if you don’t have consumers. Academics won’t get awarded prizes for citations if others didn’t read their papers. Politicians wouldn’t have a country to run without citizens… Though separate segments with different needs, psychographic characteristics, and traits, we are all interrelated and move mostly as one into the future. This is called civilization or something like it.
  17. 17. What are some initial starting points u So according to the LPT we have the pyramidal allocation in journalism, in the military on each level, in sports and culture, literature and even window cleaning. The main concepts we see as a predictors of where a person gets on the pyramid in 2070 are Mindful Quotient and cognitive or other abilities that naturally lead to excellence. In 2020 this is not the case. Networks, nepotism, and nefarious behaviour often work better than natural talents. u The authors think that the LPT has ramifications for social theory, politics, management, psychology, marketing, genetic studies and many other fields where it can find its implementation. Proper usage and wide diffusion of this theory should bring increased social stability and life-satisfaction. u The theory says that the society would be better, when allocation of power in it follows the mindful pyramidal allocation. In it people with the highest general perception of morals and ability embedded in their natural minds to create value for others, reach the top of society. At the top is where the most complex and responsible decision-making needs to taka place. u We believe that when everyone accepts rationally and emotionally their position in the pyramid, the society would be greatly improved as more people won’t want a lot more than they can have by the lottery of nature, and everyone will get the subjective experience of the justice they deserve. Bliss, joy, fireworks.
  19. 19. What motivates different levels of the pyramid to do what they do? Motivated by internal motivation to create value with full control of needs (mindful) Motivated by internal motivation and minimal basic needs influencing judgement and decision making Different levels of the pyramid are motivated by different main motives. While the top of the pyramid is motivated more by creation of value based on mindfulness and balance between taking and giving, the bottom of the pyramid is motivated by fear and satisfying basic needs or just the needs of others if they are seen as ‘slaves’ or ‘objects’. Motivated by basic human needs (Veritism’s Human Needs Model: safety, recognition) Motivated by eternal fear and satisfying basic needs. Grabbing resources for the sake of it. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  20. 20. How different levels behave in human relationships They are emotionally neutral and go with the flow to optimize the human experiences They give at least as they take and try to keep balance Different levels of the pyramid have different emotional balances. Most domestic abusers, emotional and physical, are on bottom of the pyramid as they take a lot more than they give, while the top of the pyramid are the neutral people. They are balanced and can manage most situations well without guilt or sorrow. They are deeply emotionally invested and depending. May want to take more than give. They take a lot more than they give (in relationships but also in capitalism: they have bigger consumer debt) 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  22. 22. How many self-perceptions do they have? They don’t have egos but follow what they feel right that is the same as what they think is right. Integration of body/mind. They might have some form of ego but are also capable to do right things People at different levels of the pyramid differ in the manifestation of ego they usually have. While the very top is beyond ego, because to get there they needed to adjust by tailoring internal motivation to external needs rather than their default desires, the bottom of the pyramid is moved by their created perceptions of themselves – egos and basic needs. They have frail egos and need self- confirmation (a lot of facebook friends for instance). They may also lack anything but reactivity and stereotypes as behaviour cues. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  23. 23. How to predict the right type for societal management They know what is right and minimal oversight is needed. They take ownership. They might know what is right but may be tempted. They take limited ownership. People on top of the pyramidal distribution abide by their understanding of what is right as they feel the ‘spirit’ or the ‘mind’ of the law and the culture they live in. People on the bottom are moved by VISIBLE- only things of what is right/wrong. In society, different management structures are needed for different levels of the society. People who came to the top of their fields – from being the best security guards and soldiers to being the best academics and reporters, are the ones who need the least micro management. They do the right things regardless of levels in hierarchies. They need to be managed in a system to do the right things. Take no ownership. They keep doing the wrong things. As if making damage to other people is a reflex from time to time. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  24. 24. How some criminals are made? 1. Programmed to find self-worth in a position or role they naturally don’t deserve (Oh, I have to be rich!) Oh, I have to be the president!) 2. They are put in a position they are not worthy of or capable managing. Like inherited wealth. 3. Oftentimes people carry traumas and scarcity mindsets from their families. They think the world is the winner takes all. They must grab everything. 4. The emotional and sometimes inborn desire to accumulate and destroy is ingrained deeply into the mind of some people. It comes naturally to them. 5. Laws were invented by mindful people who can understand abstract concepts. Laws are mostly not understood by the less mindful people who need to respect them. They see the legal system as ‘the enemy’ and as an obstacle to their needs.
  26. 26. Why some companies/politicians got the mainstream market despite inferior products/personalities? Convinced by honesty and the truth Convinced by both perceptions and internal motives In marketing it is important to see what is motivating people to buy. People on top are moved by their personal understanding of what is good for them, while people on the bottom are moved by perceptions and popular understanding/stereotypes. If they want to sell to the top of the pyramid, marketers need to use the truth and textual content. If they want to sell to people in the bottom use, images and deeply emotional videos with peer pressure based on perceptions would do far better. Motivated mostly by push strategies and perceptions 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  27. 27. How to advertise to different levels of the pyramid according to LPT They know what they want and pay not to get ads or to get quality. They might subscribe to ads-free services The way marketers can segment who is ready to pay for their services or subscriptions for ads free services can be done with the usage of the pyramid theory. In the age of free services there is one segment of society that will never subscribe to paid premium service no matter how much value they get or what is their income status. This can be manifested and seen in the newspaper subscriptions and the type of people who pay subscriptions. They are easily managed and told what they want and will never upgrade to paid services when given more options They will subscribe to ads free services only when they have to. But rarely do. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  28. 28. How to predict the right type for societal management They know what is right. They might know what is right but may be tempted People on top are moved by their personal understanding of what is right which is aligned with the law and general norms of what is good in society, while people on the bottom are moved by perceptions of what is right/wrong and not always aligned with the law. For the top of the pyramid self-management is optimal while for the more detailed and clear rules and procedures may be warranted no matter the field of society they relate to. They need to be managed to do the right things They keep doing the wrong things 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  29. 29. How to advertise They prefer text (emails and books over videos) They prefer mixture of audio-visual channels and books. Different levels of the pyramid prefer different types of content. While the top prefers text over images, the bottom prefers emotionally heavy content usually in the form of loud videos. They prefer videos and vivid emotional content. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  32. 32. Some truths like global warming or vaccination statistics are obvious, yet many people can’t cope with the concepts. Different levels of the pyramid have different levels of truth acceptance (TA). TA levels They live the truth - do not profess it. They accept the truth, but don’t live it always. They accept the truth because it is popular. They would rather live a lie. Truth Acceptance is the Ability to accept things as they are. The higher you go the easier is to speak truthfully to people. We have empirical evidence to prove this that this holds true for the best window cleaners to the best professors judged by objective criteria. Even if window cleaners don’t understand some things, they would feel if they are true or not. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  34. 34. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THE PYRAMID HAVE DIFFERENT TRUTH TOLERANCE (TT) LEVELS You will get awarded You will get skepticism and lies You will get discriminated They will say you are crazy They might try to kill you Truth tolerance (TT) is tested by speaking those things that people want to conceal. Ability to accept things as they are is emblematic of the highest levels of the pyramid. The higher you go the easier is to speak truthfully to people and investors. We have empirical evidence to prove this: even about killing and declaring crazy. Majority of people have low TT in 2020. 2070 2020 REALITY TODAY
  36. 36. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THE PYRAMID HAVE DIFFERENT VALUE CREATION LEVELS They create the most value for others. They create value because they want to. They create value because they have to. They destroy value. (serial criminals) To be on top of an individual pyramid people don’t need to become billionaires or presidents, but they can also be the naturally and unforced excellent security guards, the naturally excellent librarians, the best ice-cream sellers who all create the ultimate value for other people in their given roles. Those people, who are best in every role they have, are the top of this pyramid because they create more value other appreciate on a free clan-less market. 2020 2070
  37. 37. The truth people accept as theirs is different at different levels on the pyramid. The highest pyramid levels are aligned with discoveries from proper non-judgmental science created by the proper usage of scientific methodology by scientists with minds. The people at the lowest part of the pyramid are more inclined into improbable theories such as The Flat Earth Theory. DIFFERENT TRUTH LEVELS 2020 2070
  39. 39. IMPLICIT ‘EMPATHY’ “Knowing” things without seeing them or better said, making the best guesses possible is useful as most of our decisions are based on limited information. Our minds may be capable of deciding the right courses by tapping into a wider realm of thoughts. If brain scans can reconstruct images from our brain waves, some people provenly CAN read these brain waves from one another but not in a statistically useful way. It helps a lot but it is not a precise science. It is more like casino.
  40. 40. DIFFERENT LEVELS OF THE PYRAMID HAVE DIFFERENT IMPLICIT ‘EMPATHY’ LEVELS. CAN YOU GUESS WHO IS SATOSHI NAKAMOTO? THE MYSTERIOUS CREATOR OF BITCOIN BY USING GOOGLE? WE CAN. They will know who Satoshi is and will not tell reporters due to the right reasons. Privacy. If they guess who Satoshi is, they might tell other people. They would never guess who Satoshi is. They will not try to guess. Implicit empathy means that some people with extended minds can come to the most probable conclusion without actually seeing it. This will be explained more in our Whitepaper. Taking a practical case, in short, people with bigger implicit empathy can guess who the mysterious Bitcoin creator Saotshi Nakamoto is. The media has created legend. Can you guess who he is just by reading the Wikipedia article about him? 2020 2070
  41. 41. How is “knowing” without seeing possible? To have this “power” of making sound guesses based on ‘implicit empathy’ people need active minds. Everyone can guess, but some people can guess better than others. Here are some rules our theory predicts should improve the potential of people to know more without seeing evidence: 1. They must not have a strong ego and can see when others have it and how this ‘image’ of ourselves twists their decisions 2. They need to have critical mind in understanding what can be real or not 3. They need to have life experience that tells them when people want to hide something 4. They have less prejudice in their reasoning and can notice when others think wrongly due to prejudice. 5. Also they are aware of their own prejudice when deliberating conclusions because they have high self-awareness
  42. 42. How is “knowing” without seeing possible? The extended mind hypothesis means that people can somehow hear the voice of the writers by reading to their papers. It is not a sixth sense, but it is just our mind and how we embed our mindful energy via the words and phrases we use. • It is how the best Venture Capitalist notices the worst entrepreneurs better than their peers • It is how the best businessmen become billionaires by seeing things better than their peers • It is how the best scientists get the hidden truths about different areas in their research • It is how most people can notice hidden intentions and desires in the voice of others It happens every day, and it is normal. Physics and how our minds work explains it. Visit for more information.
  43. 43. The Little Pyramid Theory Some practical implications – to unleash the optimal human potential WE HAVE MANY CASE STUDIES AFFIRMING OUR THEORY – BUT EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK AROUND AND TEST THEM TO DEVISE THE PYRAMIDAL EXPLANATION THEY DEEM RIGHT AND TEST THEIR ASSUMPTIONS WITH THE DATA OF REALITY. We leave to everyone to induce practical or other higher- level implications from this theory.
  44. 44. HOW HIGH ARE YOU? The Little Pyramid Theory Snoop Dogg is high in more ways than one. One of those ways is in rap music. These people from the UN are high in society as they serve as public officials. Rafael Nadal is high in the tennis world as one of the best players. Do these people have something in common?
  45. 45. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT) Aleksandar V. Ribak Veritism Web: Email: Facebook: Ways to get involved? Join as a member and get benefits from day one Refer someone who need #veritisms in their life Add Veritism on your LinkedIn as a supporter under Volunteering activities Share this presentation to your social or professional circles Donate at
  46. 46. The Little Pyramid Theory (LPT)