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The brochure contains:

1. References
2. List of services
3. About
4. Some teammates

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The contacts are valid as of March 2019.

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  2. 2. ABOUT OUR TRACK RECORD EVERYTHING BETTER 50+ battle-tested contractors 30+ clients 12 organizations created 7 countries
  3. 3. SOME OF OUR WORK WAS FOR LLC (iSEE Ltd or TOP Ltd) Major Global Fortune 500 companies Newer growing startups with millions in funding:
  4. 4. ü Invested in renovating over 20 local communities ü Made playgrounds for children ü Organized the World Neighbors’ Day ü Decreased tensions in South East Europe and Ukraine during the 2014 crisis ü Lobbied for changing of a law that got changed ü Made a grassroots movement for positive change with access to 300,000 people ü Supported the ‘Battle for Baby’ CSR campaign with $50,000 Started in 2010 as a CSR marketing company Heavily involved in corporate social responsibility Our heritage website is at HISTORICAL FACTS EVERYTHING BETTER
  5. 5. SUPPORT § Full content planning, creation, and placement § Responsive social media management and growth § Reporting of results § Special occasions & dates, planning, promotion, and reporting. § Event’s promotions (digital such as webinars, and off-site) § Website refresh, creation, or optimizing for social media. Social media The right places with the right people Public relations § Getting into mainstream media such as Forbes § Organize interviews and public speaking events such as TEDx – get new ideas § Provide newsletter and newswire support § Media relations § Thought leadership content creation and placement Get to the branded media § No one can grow without ads or media exposure based on merit. § In most cases ads are needed. optimizes the effect of your ads. § Ad testing and creation § Ad networks management Ads management Ads management Three pillars of support
  6. 6. 01 02 06 03 05 04 Get 10000 new social media followers, fans, and connections on Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram. Foreign language support for main markets Advertising budget management ( has great discounts for agencies) and reaching 1 million engagements or 10000 leads. Get at least 1000 new B2B business leads in the pipelines, with a pre- determined budget for ads. Become a thought leader and educator in your industry. Promote a constant stream of content. Appear at TEDx, or arrange an interview with BBC, Nature, or The Guardian. Examples of goals you can reach with
  8. 8. Save energy & time Get the best ROMI exposure Save money, improve your CLTV GETS YOU DISCOUNTS FOR ADS As an advertising company, we get discounts for our clients ranging from 10% to 25% in many important networks and sites. These discounts are transferred to the clients. We only get our budget management fee.
  9. 9. CONNECTED NETWORKS We can provide our clients with discounts and bonuses for placing ads in different networks. As an agency it is normal to get those. For instance, our clients can acquire a service for $15,000 USD on what originally had a market price of $20,000 USD.
  11. 11. EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT EVERYTHING BETTER Recent ICO raised $9.5 million and the other garnered $3.6 million in presales. They have 22,000 and 12,000 users respectively, plus bounty groups wherein bounty hunters communicate with more than 3,000 other bounty hunters. We create special stickers that cater to the psychographics of the target audience.
  12. 12. EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA STICKERS EVERYTHING BETTER We match the psychology of the audience with the type of stickers and content we develop. These stickers are for the Stock Market Lottery that draws the winning numbers from the stock market. Our target group we built excitement for, is made of lottery players. Everyone in crowdfunding campaigns “wants to reach the Moon”. MOS was aiming at the Sun. Gamblers like the promise of a great prize. The CEO of MOS was made a “King” as most casino players want one, to take care of them. Most casino players have sympathies for Donald Trump, so we made a MAGA hat. ”Make Lotteries Great Again” CEO
  13. 13. EXAMPLE OF ACTIVE COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT EVERYTHING BETTER One example is the 3D Avatars or the thousands of posts we have on the bounty threads with 45+ pages. We have real, unpaid engagement on some of our threads! Services provided: 1. Events 2. PR. 3. Investors’ outreach 4. Bounty management 5. Community building 6. Advertising management
  15. 15. PR IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA We can invite reporters from premium journals to write something about your project. Reporters are attracted not just to great stories, but also to well-funded and well-thought of stories that can radiate the quality they expect. Get seen by the right people.
  16. 16. Some recent references of Forbes article EVERYTHING BETTER This was extremely challenging as Ganapati is a casino company, which is not allowed to be featured in most branded media. So we did a brand mention in the same article as their potential investors we were pitching. This gave us a starting point to contact them. Developed a fully functional platform for investing in less than a week.
  17. 17. The content is then translated and adjusted to more than 12 languages, if the client has the budget for it. We can also use bounty managers who would do translations in exchange for tokens. Did you know that only 7% of people in Russia really know English and that many millionaires in China do not know English? We have strong partnerships for Japan & South Korea. RUSSIA JAPAN INDIA HONG KONG We Cater For Local Cultural Differences
  18. 18. FINAL WORDS ABOUT *** – *** – ***
  19. 19. Some active/recent references EVERYTHING BETTER Project endorsed by Paris Hilton. We helped with investors outreach and pools negotiation. We featured them at the world’s most active investment pool. Training on fundraising and empowering their internal team with know-how and skills. Investors outreach training and setting up internal procedures. We told them ICOs aren’t optimal for their platform. Investors relation (IR). Setting up the referral strategy and timetable. Building the website and investors portal. Support in the private placement and organizing events. They say they gathered more than $2 million. We made this website in two days: (though imperfect it was a learning speed training facility as we deployed WordPress for the first time to make a website). Imagine what can we do in a month for you?
  20. 20. SOME PARTNERS WE REFER EVERYTHING BETTER Legal partners of TSM/iSEE They also provide legal services by using English, German and Italian, and at a reasonable price. One of our partners for reviewing the soundness of the blockchain code is Deloitte Ukraine. But this unit in Ukraine can do more things for you too. Global companies have differential pricing…. The key technology partner is our own sister brand MESO Ltd that can do websites, and everything else needed for a company in a technological sense. With we provide HR services that will enable us to find, and hire, the best from everywhere. Yet, we aim to hire locally, as online work is good for startups, but not for serious companies as of 2019. This may change. What we look for in a partner? Growth mindset - Equal treatment - Integrity - Rationality - Feedback - Budget
  21. 21. We provide our clients with a custom hand- made website portal and a native iPhone App where they can follow the entire campaign, get all the documents, access codes and our plans and list of activities. FOR FULL TURN-KEY SOLUTIONS EVERYTHING BETTER Clients can see ALL internet mentions of their brand + follow their projects.
  22. 22. Connections to other companies and media outlets with extensive know- how of using newswire services. Award winning designers who can deliver high-quality results. Programmers who defy the laws of physics. Know-how and access to rare resources (forums, blogs, influencers) Out of the hundreds of people we worked with, we deploy only the best from everywhere. Examples: SOME OF THE VALUABLES CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING BETTER John Larsen is among the best contractors we have worked with. His content writing skills are deep and precise. There is no industry he doesn’t understand or he cannot get the gist of in an article very fast. Miguel N. Sales speaks many languages natively, while he is in charge of senior communication and understanding of local cultures or niche segments.
  23. 23. BOOK US FOR A MEETING EVERYTHING BETTER We would be honored and thrilled to make a custom offer and presentation if the standard options on our website do not do the trick: We can also meet in person! / iSEE Marketing Skype/Phone: t. +1 323 522 4670 Alek V Ribak, CEO WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram +447418479977 You can book a meeting directly at To meet in person, we can arrange a meeting one month in advance.