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Case study - Pride Parade - Zelensky strategy


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Appropriation of know-how is terrible. Hence, why now I do not write or do research. I wait to be safe first!

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Case study - Pride Parade - Zelensky strategy

  1. 1. Marketing changes the world – psychological warfare and macro marketing activities
  2. 2. Case study: - Preventing the traditional violence at the Pride Parade events in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe)
  3. 3. The Omega Project™ Focus on the big (macro) picture allows us unique actionable and powerful insights. The goal is to manage macro cultural processes, to advise in that goal and prevent potential detrimental trends in any country. OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  4. 4. The Omega Project - explained in action OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  5. 5. Equilibrium – The Omega Project™ Example of macro marketing Stopping violence at the Pride Parade “Hybrid psychological warfare waged with macro marketing” OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  6. 6. Around 130 people were injured in Belgrade, Serbia due to violence by hooligans Equilibrium – The Omega Project™ used the project and solved the problem free for its global PR and managed to untangle complex interests so that the event could be organized without any violence in 2014. Due to security concerns the Pride parade was canceled in 2011. 2012. and 2013. OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  7. 7. From a macro perspective LGBT groups do not communicate with ultra-nationalists state The direct costs of the Pride Parade in 2010 were hundreds of million EUR. Intangible expenses to Serbia due to postponed EU integrations – immeasurable Geostrategic opportunity to blackmail Serbia on other conditions (border disputes) If you finance both groups with 200.000 EUR for one single event, mayhem is certain. We found evidence that both parties were financed by the same source. Pride activists Radical homophobes
  8. 8. To solve the problem we needed to understand all stakeholders and their interests To influence the religious communities to accept LGBT and not cause violence To focus the media attention in proper direction To handle and disarm radical groups To influence powerful diplomats To make activists change messages that did not work with the targeted public To communicate with a broken stateOur tactic: Find the most valuable interests for each group and then increase costs for improper behavior and increase benefits for proper behavior. OMEGA Ω PROJECT ON THE FOLLOWING SLIDES ARE JUST SMALL PART OF ACTIVITIES UNDERTAKEN
  9. 9. Example of communication problem Before each Pride Parade the activists, harshly discriminated in their younger days, wanted to use the media attention to kick back the entire public clearly motivated by vengeance. They were mostly motivated by the spotlight and ability to retaliate to those who they perceived as a threat (almost everyone) Their leader on the picture shown to the right from 2013 is sitting on a toilet seat sending a Minister in the Government a message indirectly to “have anal sex with him” some days before the Parade. The picture was headlined by the media. Although that type of behavior may be normal for many in the US and Germany, in South East Europe is seen as impolite and provocative as sex is not yet a commodity there but people prefer to speak about making love, not sex. These mistakes led to constant increase of homophobia in Serbia according to independent UNDP research with every Pride parade. To directly prevent financing of this leader we ran a facebook ads with this picture asking “Excellences” (their financiers being some ambassadors and thus “excellences”) why they did not finance a better alternative to achieve measurable results? While sharing evidence that the same group finances both, the organizers of the Pride Parade and the hooligans. It is how instead of LGBT activists in the movement many radical anarchists were infiltrated who did damage and provoked before each Pride parade with some acts which were counter-productive in increasing the acceptance of LGBT people in society.
  10. 10. We created an alternative to influence activists To provide a better alternative we recorded a professional video and applied for a Guiness World Record in LGBT couples kissing at the same time and place and recorded an invitation movie for all LGBTs around the world. The concept of love is more accepted in that part of Europe and Pride is seen negatively by default. It was unwritten condition that if the activists who organized the Pride parade continue their mischief, that we would go forward with the concept and replace them from the spotlight. And all they cared about was the spotlight.
  11. 11. We educated aware and well-educated activists We made a temporary organization which promoted the common scientific views on LGBT written with religious subliminal messages and texts written with Cyrillic's letters, which may superficially be seen as the work of “nationalists”. By doing so we filtered open-minded from close-minded LGBT activists. We started a vivid discussion on the brick of conflict between the well-educated LGBT who understood the underlying science and those who assumed automatically it was just another plot of nationalists homophobes focusing the discussion and learning process within the LGBT community. In the discussion we identified useful allies we invited to our online influence group which we coordinated to put comments on posts and shape public opinion.
  12. 12. We created additional costs for hooligans The core financial source of the radicals was identified with proper conversation with the right-wing activists. We made a NGO project to connect with them and understand them better. We got the information by seeing the world as they do. The same groups financed both LGBT groups and nationalist NGOs. We connected the core nationalist organization with Western foreign interests that sponsored them. Being financed by foreign country is seen negatively for nationalists so other organizations refused to further follow the central organization. We supported, an NGO to execute a lawsuit on the basis of hate speech towards the leader of the core organization. We convicted the leader for hate speech. OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  13. 13. The Pride Parade in 2014. and 2015. was organized without any violence and Serbia got positive global PR Around 200 security organizations from almost all nations around the world were noticed of our work. And we started receiving some proposals for cooperation.
  14. 14. Case study main points 1. We know how to handle complex, multi-dimensional problems involving many perceptions of individual realities and interests. All according to law. 2. We can manage interests and perceptions in a cost- effective way to bring about desired changes. OMEGA Ω PROJECT
  15. 15. IDEA THAT EVERYTHING CAN BE BETTER™ Gabriel V. Emanuel, CEO Better Humanity Inc. Suite 66, Ansuya Estate, Revolution Ave. Victoria, Mahe – Seychelles