Inn530 developing social media strategy for gemtree


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INN530 assignment 2

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Inn530 developing social media strategy for gemtree

  1. 1. Developing Social Media strategyfor Gemtree VineyardsAlex CHEUNG N6748627Cheung ZHAO N4758145
  2. 2. Agenda Company background Current situation Issue Objective Definition of key terms Risk and opportunity Literature review Case study Recommendation conclusion
  3. 3. Company Background Established in 1980 in Adelaide McLaren Vale Bought their first vineyard on Tatachilla Road, in the heartof McLaren Vale After a few years, the family bought another vineyardcan named it Gemtree Today Gemtree owns 330 acres of prime vineyards
  4. 4. Current Situation
  5. 5. Issues No knowledge in managing social media channels Everything is being broadcasted in an “Ad-Hoc” basis Contents are not align with company’s direction.
  6. 6. 72% of businesses do not haveclear defined social media strategy
  7. 7. Objectives Present a well-structured social media strategy toGemtree Increase social media interaction and engagement Increase effectiveness of social media efforts
  8. 8. Definition of Social Media Interacting Engaging Sharing Personal
  9. 9. Impact on social media Word-of-mouth marketing strategy Influencing public behavior
  10. 10. Social media strategy development consistent customer experiences Reliable content creation Data governance Regulatory compliance
  11. 11. Opportunities Brand recognition Free Targeted Customer service improvements influence
  12. 12. Risks Managing Reputation Security Issues Misuse of social media
  13. 13. Literature review Journal article:Benefits and Risks of Social Media Use in the Workplace Developing social-networking policy Limits personal usage Be selective Be complete and professional Avoid being too personal
  14. 14. Literature review Journal article:Social media, risk and policies for associations Social media policy Focusing on what should employees do
  15. 15. Literature review Journal article:The benefits of social media marketing Recognizing the target social media platform
  16. 16. Women aged25 - 34
  17. 17. Literature review Journal article:Social media best practices from an early adopter Recognizing the target What content should be put on the social media? Content that people are interested and willing to discuss use social media to listen to the customers
  18. 18. Case study – Coconut bliss
  19. 19. Case study – Coconut bliss Increase the visibility Work on various social media platform Interact with customers Photo and video sharing through social network
  20. 20. Recommendation 1. Develop a social media strategy consistent with theorganizational goals and objectives 2. Identifying the major risk and its solutions 3. identifying the social media platform that majority ofcustomers are using 4. Setting social media policy 5. Conducting evaluation plan
  21. 21. Conclusion
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  26. 26. Thank you