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Asking & giving directions


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Published in: Education

Asking & giving directions

  1. 1. Asking & Giving Directions
  2. 2. Prepositions of Place
  3. 3. Prepositions of Place
  4. 4. Asking for Directions Expressions• Is there a… around here?• How can I get to…?• Where is the… ?• How far is the… from the…? *Use polite expressions like “Excuse me” or “Can you tell me…?” to ask for directions.
  5. 5. Giving Directions Expressions• Go to the corner of… and…• Turn Left• Turn Right• Pass the…• Go straight ahead on … street/avenue• Until you get to…• It’s between the… and the…• It’s across from/ In front of…
  6. 6. Transitions• Use these words to connect the ideas After that… Then… Next… When you get to…go… Finally…
  7. 7. Example• Excuse me. How can I get to the Hospital? Go straight ahead on King’s Avenue and turn left when you get to River Street. Pass the Gym and the Post Office. The Hospital is between the School and the Church, across from the Hotel.
  8. 8. How can I get to…?
  9. 9. Check these webpages• -to-give-directions/• Directions.html• me/viewgame.asp?id=1434• up/vocabulary/directions/exercises