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Discover Pilsen- Burham Plan Centennial


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Discover Pilsen- Burham Plan Centennial

  1. 1. THE RESURRECTION PROJECT Social activism has shaped Pilsen since its inception as an industrial district along the Chicago River in the 1850s. Immigrants in the densely populated community found sup- port through settlement houses, churches and labor unions. Since the 1950s, Pilsen has been a Mexican-American neighborhood where generations have worked to create a healthy neighborhood that is proud of its Mexican roots. The Resurrection Project (TRP) is one of many organiza- tions working to improve local quality of life. In 1990, six parishes contributed $5,000 each to start TRP; that seed money has leveraged $169 million of reinvestment. TRP’s ACCOMPLISHMENTS INCLUDE: Developed more than 350 units of affordable housing. Convened the Pilsen Planning Committee and published the Pilsen quality-of-life plan. Trained hundreds of community leaders to work for social change. TRP’s BOLD PLANS INCLUDE: Developing holistic health programs, including a school health center at Orozco Academy. Creating affordable housing so that residents can stay in the neighborhood. Preserving Pilsen’s culture as a center of Mexican life. THE RESURRECTION PROJECT 1818 S. Paulina Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60608 312.666.1323 Building Relationships! Creating Healthy Communities! THE RESURRECTION PROJECT DISCOVER PILSEN Healthy, vibrant and organized! PILSEN COMMUNITY SHOWCASE COMMUNITY SHOWCASE TOURS The Burnham Plan Centennial’s Community Showcase Tours introduce new audiences to the unique stories and bold plans of Chicago’s neighborhoods. Told through the voices of community leaders and residents, the tours cover these six neighborhoods: ALBANY PARK Chicago’s Gateway to the World: A legacy of culture, nature and movement on Chicago’s Northwest side. HOSTED BY: North River Commission AUBURN GRESHAM Rebuilding a Classic Chicago Community: Using our people and assets to make a great place great again! HOSTED BY: Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation PILSEN Discover Pilsen:Healthy, vibrant and organized! HOSTED BY: The Resurrection Project QUAD COMMUNITIES From Civil War to Civil Rights and Beyond: Come experience the second urban renaissance in the capital of Black America. HOSTED BY: Quad Communities Development Corporation and Bronzeville Visitor Information Center SOUTH CHICAGO From Pollution to Solution:‘LEED- ing’ the way in the Midwest! HOSTED BY: Claretian Associates WEST RIDGE Gateway to India in Chicago: Explore dynamic diversity and global connections on Devon Avenue. HOSTED BY: Indo-American Heritage Museum and Chicago Cultural Alliance The Community Showcase is funded with generous contributions from The Boeing Company and LISC/Chicago.
  2. 2. Polk Van Buren Grove Lumber Canalport Taylor 14th Pl Liberty Maxwell Jefferson Canal 16th 17th 17th Pl 18th 19th 19th Pl Van Buren Flournoy Lexington Polk Cabrini Taylor Washburne 13th Hastings 14th 14th Pl 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th Cullerton 21st 21st Pl Oakley Leavitt Hoyne Wolcott Wood Paulina Laflin Loomis Throop Racine May Morgan Carpenter Peoria Loomis Racine BlueIsland 27th 28th 28th Pl Newberry Peoria Sangamon Morgan 23rd 24th 22nd Pl 23rd Pl Oakley Leavitt Hoyne Wolcott Loomis Throop Hillock Fuller Eleanor Vernon Park Lexington Cabrini Tilden Congress Vernon Park Winchester Campbell Park Flournoy Lexington Flournoy Claremont Bell Grenshaw Bow ler Hamilton Hoyne Seeley Fillm ore Wolcott Paulina Marshfield Hermitage Laflin Bishop Ada Fillmore Grenshaw Arthington Miller Carpenter Aberdeen May Lytle Throop Maxwell Newberr y Clinton Desplaines 14th Maxwell Miller 17th 14th 14th Pl Hastings Washburne 13th 18th Pl 21st Pl 21st Bell Allport 20th Pl 19th Pl 18th Pl Miller Shelby Cullerton Clinton Normal Ruble Normal W allace Lumber Corbett Senour 27th May Stark 25th Crowell Short Seeley Bell Claremont 27th Van Buren Congress Flournoy Lexington Polk Arthington 12th Pl Washtenaw Maplewood Campbell Washtenaw Rockwell 22nd Pl 23rd 23rd Pl 24th Mozart Grenshaw Washburne 13th Fillmore Campbell 13th Pl 14th Pl 15th 15th Pl 16th 18th 19th Cullerton 21st 21st Pl 24th Pl Luther 24th Pl Artesian 25th Pl Taylor 21st University Village College Campus Circle South Water Market 14th Rochford 15th Pl 18th Pl Western Aberdeen FairfieldFairfield Coulter 26th Harrison Roosevelt Damen AshlandAshland O g Damen Archer Cermak Blue Island Halsted Eisenhower Expwy Cermak Roosevelt CaliforniaCalifornia Cermak Ogden Clinton UIC- Halsted Racin Illino Medi Distri Polk 18th Damen Western Halsted CTA Pink Line to Cermak/54 CTA Blue Line to Forest Park We California Halsted Western University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois at Chicago DOUGLASPARK Addams Park National Museum of Mexican Art College Stearns Quarry Park Benito Juarez HS 1 2 El Zócalo Galería del Barrio Murals 3 4 6 8 9 St Paul Church Instituto del Progreso Latino 10 Harrison Park 5 Alivio Medical Center and Casa Morelos 18th Street Plaza Tenochtitlan Battle of the Viaduct 7 1 0 0 0 F E E T MapbyChicagoCartoGraphics DISCOVER PILSEN: HEALTHY, VIBRANT AND ORGANIZED! 1. El Zócalo, a “town square” where the community gathers for special events; future site of La Casa student dormitory. 1818 S.Paulina 2. Galería del Barrio Murals, started in 1976 during Chicano movement.Rail viaduct on16th St.between Loomis and Racine 3. Battle of the Viaduct, site of 1876 labor protest by industrial workers. Halsted and 16th Street 4. Alivio Medical Center and Casa Morelos, “campus”of community-built facilities that will also include Casa Maravilla senior housing. Morgan and Sangamon north of 21st Street 5. 18th Street, spine of Pilsen; nearby sites include Casa Aztlan, St. Procopius, Thalia Hall and small businesses. 18th Street from Halsted to Damen 6. Plaza Tenochtitlan, central plaza includes Rudy Lozano Public Library, Radio Arte and monument dedicated by Mexico City mayor. 18th, Blue Island and Loomis 7. Benito Juarez High School, built as a result of community advocacy and now gaining a $25 million addition.Cermak east of Ashland 8. Instituto del Progreso Latino, provides job training and placement, English language classes, alternative high school. 2570 S. Blue Island 9. St. Paul Church, magnificent Gothic cathedral built by church members in 1897-99; the parish started a credit union to help members buy homes. 22nd Place at Hoyne 10. Harrison Park, flanked by Orozco Academy and its mosaics on the north and the National Museum of Mexican Art on the south. 1824 S. Wood TOUR HIGHLIGHTSPILSEN