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Clase government


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Clase government

  1. 1. Government British Culture Hour: M3 Adriana Zúñiga Gutiérrez Alejandro Martínez García Adrian Vega Magaña
  2. 2. What is Parliament?Parliament is where politicians (MPs) meet to decidelaws and make decisions for the United Kingdom. It isnot the same as the Government (which runs thecountry). One of the jobs Parliament does is to checkthat the Government is running the country properly.Parliament is made up of three parts:The QueenThe House of LordsThe House of Commons
  3. 3. Unlike the US, British voters do not choose theirPrime Minister (PM). He/she is voted for withintheir political party.
  4. 4. The leader of the party in power becomes the Prime Minister.The leader of the political party with the mostMPs in the House of Commons is asked by theQueen to become Prime Minister and to forma government that will manage the country. 
  5. 5. The House of CommonsThe House of Commons has 659 members whohave been elected by local residents torepresent an area of the country in Parliament.The members are called MPs (Members ofParliament).The Commons is the most important place fordiscussing policies and making laws.
  6. 6. The House of LordsThe House of Lords is made up of people whohave inherited family titles and those whohave been given titles because of theiroutstanding work in one field or another. Thereare 675 members of the Lords.The main job of the House of Lords is to doublecheck new laws to make sure they are fairand will work.
  7. 7. The main Political PartiesThere are three major political parties, in the House ofCommons:Labour: The Labour Party believes that political action iscentral to the achievement of a fair society.Conservative: guide, inspire and co-ordinate the work of theparty throughout the country, to advise and assistAssociations and to provide such services.Liberal Democrats:Has responsibilities for the organization of local parties,resolution of disputes between regional parties, selection ofEnglish representatives to federal bodies and establishingthe rules for selection of party candidates.
  8. 8. The reason because british people think those things are important The Parliament is the equivalent to congress. It is the main democratic system in the average democratic government. So it’s important to the British people because the parliament are the ones that make the laws and all the political decisions, also the parliament can limit the power of the monarch, so the Queen doesn’t become a tyrant.
  9. 9.  The British citizens know that the Prime Minister is very important because he is a Member of the Parliament and head of the government. He is responsible for choosing the other members of the government. He answers questions every Wednesday in the House of Commons, and the questions can come from any member of the parliament and on any subject.
  10. 10.  The British people usually prefer the House of Commons, because in there are the elected Members of the Parliament, so its more legitimate. The House of Lords is made up of people who have inherited family titles, also simply amends and delays legislation.
  11. 11. •Our opinion its about the power of the queen, that ifshe doesn’t’ decide about making the law, andeighter applying for real life (I mean taking part of thelaw) she can spend the money of the country.However, she wasn’t choose by the people, but shewas prepared for do what she does with education.