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  1. 1. Assignment 6: Empathize and Define By Alejandro Gallardo Team: Building Community Capacity August 2013
  2. 2. 22 years old “Industrial Designer” 1month away from graduation. 123RF. Royalty free photos
  3. 3. 1. I went to university because I wanted to work with cars; I wanted to become an industrial designer. 2. With 1.5 years to finish my career I was about to Chile for a semester of academic exchange when my father came up with another option - trough a contact-, go to an academic exchange to another Mexican city instead and do Professional Practices at the same time at a German High End Car Maker contractor – a Mexican based German company specialized in armor vehicles -. 3. There are not Professional Practices Programs at most private universities in Mexico. 4. When we talked to the career coordinator about doing the professional practices he said “Well is not mandatory to do it and the school does not have any official programs but if you feel it would be beneficial for you go ahead”. They didn´t really care… 5. When I started my professional practices I realize that at school they don’t teach you anything you need at the working environment… after school you really don’t know anything… 6. When I was at my working environment I realize that you got to have initiative. 7. After my practices I went back to school and with 1 year left to go I tailored my curricula according to my needs. 8. After my practices I had a totally different perspective, I knew what I wanted. 9. When I finished my 6 months professional practices I got a job offer for the summer, after the summer I was told by the company director “As soon as you finish your career call us”, so soon we will see… 10. Only about 20% of my career recent graduates have a formal job most of them just freelance or have temporary jobs. 11. Now the company I did my practices for implemented an official program for professional practices with another university they receive 15 students per semester… 12. I realize most kids that now have the opportunity to do professional practices just comply with a school requirement….”Most of them don´t have initiative, there are so many things to do at work and they still come after they finished what they were asked to do and say: Now what I do, it drives me nuts” the company director told me during a phone conversation. 13. Most schools are not really interested in your transition into the real world… SAY 123RF. Royalty free photos
  4. 4. •Loves working with cars. •Very confident, very curious, very creative. •Very practical straight forward person. •Likes to think and plan before starting to work. •Likes to work hands on. DO 123RF. Royalty free photos
  5. 5. •He really enjoy his experience at his host company, got to know many different process of the work and that helped identify in which area wants to focus his career. •He thinks he realize that at school you really don´t learn many useful things for the work environment. •Thinks that to have a “real life” work experience at the middle of the career can have a good impact in the student. •Thinks that having initiative is key in the working environment, is a must for the “intern” or new employee and notice by the employers. THINK 123RF. Royalty free photos
  6. 6. 123RF. Royalty free photos FEEL •His university really doesn't care about students transition from school to work. •Seems that some kids that do have the opportunity to do a professional practice are only concerned about having an school requirement complied. •He feels he was lucky to be in the right place in the right time. •Most kids don’t have/show initiative.
  7. 7. •Most universities are not really concerned neither have programs for a successful transition from school to the real life. •There does not exist a good link with universities and the industry. Schools, students and the industry they will all benefit from internships and professional practices programs. •To have a “real life” working experience at the middle of the career can make a big difference and how students perceive their careers and the set of skills they need to develop for a successful transition from school to work. •Unsurprisingly “contacts” are important either to land a job or in this case to land a place at a professional practice. •Initiative seems to a recurring theme in this case; it was shown by the stake holder at his professional practice, it was shown by the father of the stakeholder when he was negotiated a spot for his son for a professional practice, and was appreciated by the company director.
  8. 8. •Charismatic, creative, energetic, clever, confident and talented young designer. •Gerry needs to ensure he takes advantage of his privileged position to land a job. •He had an professional practice experience were he left a very good impression. •He has a good relationship with the company director.