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The woman in_white

  1. 1.   THE WOMAN IN WHITE    
  2. 2.   There are five main characters in the book: -Walter Hartright -Laura Fairlie -Marian Halcombe -Anne Catherick --> the woman in white -Sir Percival Glyde And the most importantant for us: -Laura Fairlie.    
  3. 3. ANNE CATHERICK   A young woman that was possibly an illegitimate daughter of Laura's father. She was the woman in white and lived in the asylum since she told her father that he was a miserable impostor because she heard it from her mother. She could escape from the asylum and tried to talk with Laura in the lake from Blackwater Park but Count Fosco discovered this and told her that Laura wanted to meet her in London. Then she died and Sir Percival and Count Fosco said that she was Laura Failie because of her similar appearance to her and because they wanted to earn Laura´s money.
  4. 4. LAURA FAIRLIE Laura is a young woman who lives with her uncle and her half- sister, Marian. She falls in love with Walter, but she has to marry Sir Percival and this relationship does not end good. She looks like the woman in white and for this resemblance Sir Percival and his friend say that she is dead, but this is not true. When Walter returns they get marry.
  5. 5. MARIAN HALCOMBE Laura's half-sister and companion, not attractive but intelligent and resourceful. She lived all the time with Laura and tried to help her with all her problems. She knew that Count Fosco loved her and used it to try not to put Laura in the asylum.    
  6. 6.   WALTER HARTRIGHT   Is a poor young man of 38 years old, who worked as the drawing teacher of Laura Fairlie, in London. Laura and Walter fall in love, but they can not be together because Laura has to marry Sir Percival so Walter leaves to America. When he returns to London, Laura can marry him.
  7. 7. SIR PERCIVAL GLYDE   Laura's husband because of the decision of her father until he died. He was an unpleasant man with a secret. He was able to appear very nice when he wished, but his true character appeared soon after his marriage to Laura. He treated her badly. He was interested in Laura´s money. He tried to get her money because of a document, but Laura wanted to read it first before she signed it, and Sir Percival get angry. He died in the fire of the vestry (in the church). He had the key of this because Anne Catherick´s mother gave to him and he would send her money every month for keeping her secret (he was not the real son of their parents).
  8. 8.    Questions 1) Which was Walter´s job? 2) Which man did Laura really love? Sir percival or Walter? 3) Why did Walter return to London? 4) With which two people did Laura live? 5) Why did Sir Percival put Anne in the asylum?
  9. 9. Questions  6) Who or what did Marian see the day before Laura, Walter and she went to the new house? 7) Who did Laura marry at the end of the story? 8) What was the name of the political association in Italy? 9) What did the murder left on the Count´s body? 10) Did Laura and Walter had a son?