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The strange case of dr jekylll and mr


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Summary of the book ''The strange case of Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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The strange case of dr jekylll and mr

  2. 2. Mr. Utterson, a prestigious London lawyer, heard a story of his friend, Mr. Enfield, he felt curiosity. So, Utterson begins an investigation to find the true identity of Mr. Hyde, a man who looks very attached to an old friend known as Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll created a potion and the antidote, he could transform a person in the incarnation of his evil part.
  3. 3. THE STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLLL AND MR HYDE Utterson found a will written by Jekyll, which makes owner in the case of his death or disappearance of all his property to Hyde. Utterson read letters written by Lanyon and Dr. Jekyll's confession. The first revealed that Lanyon has witnessed the physical transformation of Jekyll through a potion invented by him. It was the horror of such a discovery which led to his death. Jekyll became evil, he looked nasty, he had the strength and intelligence of 12 men, his reflexes were extraordinary , he called to this person Hyde. Everything changes when Hyde murders a parliamentary called Danvers Carew, in front of a witness.
  4. 4. OUTCOME Utterson found dead to hyde and by a letter he discovered that Jekyll and hyde are the same person. finally ran out one ingredient of antidote, he could not return to their original shape. Jekyll became addicted to the metamorphosis to indulge in forbidden pleasures antisocial.