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Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy 360 Communication


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Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy 360 Communication

  1. 1. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                               Prime  Minister  Mariano  Rajoy   communication                                                                                                                                             #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   1   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  2. 2. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 5  ideas  answering  the  question:    How  does  president  Rajoys  government  communicate?       Previous  &  a  starting  point:  we  are  in  front  of  the  communication  &  leadership  strategy  when  Mariano   Rajoy  was  leading  the  opposition  &  campaigning.     Hasnt  change  anything  since  then?  Is  reasonable  keep  the  same  strategy?         1.  Reaction  vs  Action       The   first   golden   rule:   "or   you   lead   communication   or   someone   will   lead   it   for   you".   Explain   "who   you   are"  and  "where  you  gonna  go"  or  someone  will  do  it  for  you.  Decisions  are  made  for  those  who  show   up.  Where  you  dont  show  up,    someone  else  will.       Talking  about  Rajoys  presidency,  his  silences  &  absences,  the  frame,  the  mission  and  the  tales  sailing   destination  are  told  by  other  voices.  If  you  give  up  to  lead  you  allow  other  voices  to  do  it.  In  the  Spanish   Prime  Minister  this  other  voices  are:  European  Political,  Financial  &  Institutional  Leaders,  the  markets,   the  indignation  voice...  who  articulate,  determine  y  set  Moncloas  tempo  messages.       With  silence,  every  time  your  message  is  diluted  &  trapped  in  the  negative  news  never-­‐ending  cycle.  In   this  context,  Rajoy  only  possesses  the  margin  for  reaction  and  going  behind  the  story  permanently.     Although   having   the   Government   spin   powerful   machine   in   his   favor   -­‐machine   that   will   be   amplified   with  the  privatization  of  the  Public  TV  &  Radio  autonomous  broadcasters-­‐  Primer  Minister  Rajoy  doesnt   anticipate   &   lead   the   news   cycle.   He   has   adopted   the   same   communication   executive   structure   that   helped  him  to  lead  the  opposition  &  the  last  campaign.  Thats  the  key  point  of  this  situation.  What  was   useful  to  reach  into  Government  -­‐amplify  opponents  faults  &  weakness  plus  own  silence-­‐  seems  not  to   work  when  you  govern  and  have  to  face  situations  &  crises.     Giving  up  on  leading,  draw  us  an  accurate  photo  of  the  everyday  reality  that  Moncloas  communication   team  are  facing.  One  first  step  to  breakthrough  this  paralysis  context  is  to  find  &  assimilate  the  Great   Mission,  the  Mantra  and  the  Main  legislature  Goal.       2.  Resisting  in  the  bunker:    extended  feeling   castling  on  the  kings  side       #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   2   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  3. 3. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 In   the   negative   news   never-­‐ending   cycle,   the   feeling   of   "isolation"   and   imprisonment   in   the   bunker   is   accentuated.   The   emptiness   is   growing   and   will   accelerate   the   need   for   shelter   from   the   "hostile   environment"  outside  Moncloa  will  be  more  pronounced.       Popular   pressure   of   public   opinion   and   the   circumstances   surrounding   the   president   will   become   increasingly  heavy.  The  vicious  circle  is  consolidated  over  time  and  if  you  dont  act  you  are  dragged  away   by   the   circumstances.   The   course   for   navigation   must   be   set,   as   the   sails   and   the   engine   full   throttle   start.       Speaking  about  chess,    one  of  the  most  usual  playing  defensively  opening  is   castling  the  king  to  protect   him  -­‐from  future  attacks-­‐  with  an  advanced  knight  position.  This  figure  is  useful  to  describe  the  strategy   behind  communication  policy  in  Moncloa:  isolate  the  president  out  of  crises  and  situations,  and  avoid     at  all  costs  the  splashing  effects  getting  into  him,  introducing  chess  pieces  to  receive  its  impact.       The  president  is  not  showing  up,  neither  expected  to.  In  these  key  moments  that  have  begun  to  define   his   presidency   like   the   Argentinian   nationalization   of   YPF   and   the   Bolivian   one   with   REDESA;   the   conflict   with  fishermen  in  Gibraltar;  Bankias  situation;  the  Spanish  differential  risky  rate  prime  with  the  German   bonds  ;  rumor  of  Spains  intervention  and  rescue  by  the  European  Union...  the  president  has  not  show   up.       Two  images  help  us  to  define  Rajoys  leadership:      -­‐  President  "running"  of  the  press  in  the  Senate.                                                 Source:               -­‐  And  President  Rajoy  and  Chancellor  Merkel  photo  op  in  a  boat  in  the  Chicago  River  North  Front  is  a   symbolic  scene:  the  teacher  lecturing  to  students  (Jordi  Moragas,  Rajoy  chief  of  staff,  Alvaro  Nadal  of   the   Economic   Office   of   the   Prime   Minister   and   Secretary   Margallo   included)   while   the   German   team   almost  back  is  strategically  located  and  is  rarely  seen  in  the  picture.       #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   3   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  4. 4. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                                                                             Source:       Whats  worst:  facing  &  been  exposed  or  hiding?  The  answer  is  clear.       3.  Vice  -­‐  Prime  Minister  as  de  facto  Prime  Minister       We   mentioned   before   the   kings   castle   move   in   chess.   This   defense   strategy   makes   no   sense   if   the   knight  piece  is  not  advanced  in  position.       Vice   -­‐   Prime   Minister   Soraya   Saenz   de   Santamaria   is   the   person   who   embodies   this   essential   piece   of   Moncloas  communication  operation.  She  staged  the  knight  piece  of  the  chessboard  castling  the  Prime   Minister.   She   is   the   one   who   takes   the   pressure   &   the   blame   of   the   gaps   left   by   the   president:   charismatic  leading  the  post  Cabinet  Fridays  meetings  press  conference;  she  can  attack  and  defend  with   masterly   control   the   Congress   Government   Control   sessions   and   has   begun   handcrafting   her   International   public   profile   associated   to   the   tireless   figure   and   role.   Shes   the   essential   part   of   the   Moncloa   communication   architecture:   shes   becoming   the   de   facto   prime   minister.   Shed   kill   her   self   for   his  loving  prime  minister.      Although  increasing  the  pressure  falling  on  her  will  be  more  important.  Exposing  her  to  so  much  fire  is   an  excessive  danger.  The  legislature  has  just  begun:  the  worst  is  -­‐as  always-­‐  still  to  come.  Shes  prepared   and   well   equipped   with   powerful   senior   management   skills.   But   if   the   Prime   Minister   leadership   &   communication  trend  does  not  change,  the  VPM  can  become  identified  with  the  "toxic  load"  to  carry  on,   then   what   will   the   Prime   Minister   do   without   his   faithful   ally?   The   president   should   love   her   as   much   as   she  loves  him  and  not  let  her  be  scorched.         #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   4   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  5. 5. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   4.  The  Open  &  Transparent  Government  Myth         "You   campaign   in   Poetry   &   govern   in   prose".   The   campaigning   commitment   to   an   "open   and   transparent   government"   (#ogob   and   #transparencygob)   was   aesthetically   noted   in   the   Popular   Party   (PP)   -­‐   Prime   Minister   Rajoys   party.   This   is   an   irreversible   trend   direction   and   must   move   to   Governments,  Institutions,  Enterprises,  Social  Organizations  -­‐  and  Campaigns  and  Political  Parties.     Few   months   after   taking   office,   Prime   Minister   Rajoy   facts   gives   us   a   picture   of   a   non-­‐accessible   and   transparent   leadership   &   communication   policy.   Despite   the   pressure   for   the   president   to   appear   publicly  from  the  first  day  in  Office,  accentuated  for  weeks,  Moncloa  made  deaf  ears.  Rajoy  tried  to  calm   things  down  with  an  informal  meeting  -­‐without  microphones  or  cameras-­‐  with  reporters  at  a  bar  near   Congress.       But   the   move   didnt   convinced   much   people.   We   started   the   week   with   a   curious   appearance   in   PP   General  Headquarters  in  Madrid.  This  appearance  suit  us  to  ask  three  questions:       -­‐  Why  the  Party  Headquarters  and  not  at  the  Government  Palace?  Did  the  President  just  feel     safe  &  stronger  at  his  Party  headquarters?  Is  it  the  best  place  to  send  a  message  to  the  citizens,     leaders  and  European  institutions,  markets,  investors  ...?       -­‐   Why   only   ONE   question   per   journalist?   The   attitude   of   overprotection   and   discomfort   in   a     public  appearance  cannot  be  hided  by  the  PM  office.  There  is  a  stage  fright  and  panic  feelings     will  be  increased.  (Again  refer  to  the  photo  of  the  president  hiding  from  reporters  in  the  Senate     is  impressive  and  meaningful  at  a  time.)       -­‐   When   will   the   prime   minister   appear   again?   The   shortage   of   public   appearances   moves     pressure  forward  next  intervention,  and  favors  seeding  rumors  mill.     One  thing  is  to  say  you  want  to  move  towards  a  scenario  of  openness  and  transparency.  Quite  another   to  do  so.  Against  this  backdrop  of  growing  uncertainty  and  the  social  and  economic  situation  becoming   more  serious,  the  best  strategy  to  the  current  scenario  goes  through  strong  leadership  and  combative   leadership   -­‐Sarkozy   style,   not   soft   as   President   Rajoy.   A   New   Leadership   to   face   situations   &   be   accountable,  to  be  brave  and  treat  People  as  the  adults  they  are  -­‐  if  they  are  explained,  they  will  listen.   Will  he  convince?  Thats  another  issue,  but  the  later  you  try  the  more  difficulties  and  mistrust  will  find   out  Moncloa.             #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   5   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  6. 6. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 5.  Moncloas  digital  communication       What   about   Spanish   Government   net   and   the   digital   communications?   Moncloa   digital   tools   also   follow   the  same  pattern  as  the  election  campaign  set  up:  is  used  only  as  a  broadcast  approach.  Period.  Nothing   else:   Prime   Minister   &   Cabinet   schedule,   public   statements,   appearances,   live   streaming   of   Cabinet   press  conferences...     This  fact  is  not  surprising,  neither  exclusive  of  Rajoys  government:  politics  (from  across  the  ideological   spectrum)   and   institutions   (almost   all   ideologies)   have   been   left   with   only   the   "exhibitionist"   and   insignificant   digital   paradigm:   only   issue   -­‐   "look   how   good   &   great   I   am".   This   digital   communication   policy  only  walks  &  steps  forward  with  one  leg:  Politicians,  Political  Parties  -­‐  and  rare  Campaigns-­‐  do  not   believe  and  distrust  the  process  of  promoting  the  public-­‐electoral-­‐citizens  key  space  of  prominence  that   the  #OldPolitics  ignored.     Moncloa  doesnt  listen,  not  monitor  the  digital  universe.  Moncloa  has  give  up  on  sparking  the  debate,  to   set   the   agenda,   to   influence,   to   create   opinion   and   lead   the   news   cycle.   Those   e-­‐supporters   that   led   Rajoy  to  electoral  victory,  are  being  ignored  &  sleeped,  allowing  the  spirit  and  mood  of  the  movement     to  be  dissolves.     The   @whitehouse   has   implemented   examples   of   successful   practices   that   have   made   citizenship   and   decisions  more  accessible:       -­‐  Scanning  and  monitoring  24/7  the  digital  universe.  Anticipating  crisis  and  having   time  &  space     to  react  and  maneuver.       -­‐   Leading   the   news   cycle,   not   only   winning   the   argument   and   selling   the   news   of   the   day   in   the     big  media  outlets,  but  also  daily  contact  with  journalists,  bloggers  and  digital  influencers  is  at     stake.       -­‐   The   Press   Secretary   press   conference   begin   with   the   First   Question   coming   from   the   Social     Networks.       -­‐   #WHCHAT:   Presidents   advisors   themselves   take   the   voice   and   lead   to   explain,   answer     questions  and  doubts  of  the  digital  community  organized  on  the  topics  of  specific  policies.       -­‐  Transparency  and  access  to  citizens.  Town-­‐hall  meetings  with  the  president  answering  direct     questions  from  the  Digital  community.       -­‐  E-­‐actions  according  to  the  presidents  political  agenda:  a  gesture  to  keep  active  and  motivated     volunteers  and  supporters  of  the  president.           #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   6   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  7. 7. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 Conclusion         Spain   has   a   Prime   Minister   &   a   Government,   but   need,   like   the   air   we   breathe,   emotional   and   moral   leadership,   able   to   build   &   transmit   trust,   courage,   determined   and   able   to   start   drawing   a   recovery   scenario  on  the  horizon,  not  a  person  who  has  reason  to  hide.       Without  direction,  without  new  leadership,  neither  a  machine  nor  a  communication  operating  up  to  the   "storm"   the   omens   are   not   good.   Rajoy   can   now     scream   &   shout   loud   that   "Spain   will   be   neither   intervened  nor  rescued."  Another  thing  is  that  these  words  convince  and  convey  confidence.         @aleixcuberes  is  an  @ingenia_pro  partner  &  consultant.     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   7   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro