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Prior 2012 Mexican Presidential Election


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Prior 2012 Mexican Presidential Election

  1. 1. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 prior  2012  México     Presidential  Election                                                                                                                                                          Source:                                                                                           #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   1   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  2. 2. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   Todays  Mexican  presidential  election  results  will  be  depicted  on:     -­‐   Such   along   pre-­‐campaign,   especially   at   PAN   headquarters,   where   the   division   and   internal  conflicts  between  party  families  has  been  a  permanent  sign:  artificial  electoral   coalitions   with   leftist   movements   and   PRI-­‐against;   the   clash   between   the   different   primary   candidates;   the   power   struggle   between   candidates   and   the   outgoing   president;  a  former  president  exiting  the  party  only  a  few  weeks  before  the  election...                                                                                                         Josefina   Vazquez   Mota   after   passing   the   barriers   and   jumping   successfully   the   interests   of   her   own   party   has   come   with   little   energy   to   the   final   steps   of   the   campaign.  Her  smile,  being  contagious  in  the  first  stages  of  the  campaign,  months  ago,   has  faded,  like  the  golden  light  of  the  candidate.     The   Women,   the   underdog   candidates   positioning,   the   challenger   attitude   of   the   establishment,   the   woman   who   wanted   to   represent   the   Mother   acting   role   of   all   Mexican,  have  been  reduced  to  a  bitterness  face.         #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   2   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  3. 3. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 -­‐  PRI,  in  its  most  monarchy  and  institutional  aspect  than  revolutionary,  has  aligned  the   territorial  establishment  and  the  economic  power,  and  has  customized  Peña  Nieto  as   the  figure  of  the  natural  heir  of  the  movement  as  the  best  opportunity  for  returning   back  to  the  presidency  of  the  country,  as  they  had  steadily  been  from  1929  to  2000.                                                                                         They  raised  apparatchik  muscle,  the  influence  of  institutional  and  territorial  states  as   the  economic  power  needed  to  provide  more  kind  of  a  national  disembarking  salvation   sense  than  an  election  one.     When  they  thought  they  would  win  the  elections  easily  and  without  sweating  the  shirt,   in   the   end   they   have   sensed   a   too   long   campaign.   They   were   asking   the   referee   for   no   more  extra-­‐time.                                                                                 #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   3   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  4. 4. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 -­‐  The  leftish  coalition  led  by  the  PRD  with  an  orphaned  leadership  -­‐  a  kind  of  messianic   and   philosopher   AMLO   who   is   most   comfortable   with   the   conspiracy   theory   -­‐   has   failed  to  present  and  build  a  new  leadership  and  a  positive  message  in  regard  of  the   different  social  groups  who  pretends  to  stand  by  as  a  spokesman.                                                                 The   success   of   this   movement   is   the   charismatic   figures   surrounding   the   candidate,   representing   the   University   &   Culture   Thinking   sectors.   These   popular   figures   have   executed   their   mission   perfectly:   they   were   the   campaign   gregarious   and   push   the   voice  and  soul  of  the  movement  anywhere.       The   university   students   movement   #yosoy132   has   caught   "off   guard"   the   campaign   and  has  become  the  catalyst  for  the  last  few  weeks  of  the  election,  benchmarking  the   candidates  agenda.     AMLO   is   the   candidate   with   a   weaker   preparation   and   performance   in   the   two   presidential  debates:  monologue;  attacking  opponents  based  strategy;  few  new  ideas   and   proposals;   monothemed   -­‐the   conspiracy   theory;   while   a   devastating   failure   to   deliver  a  clear  message  strategy,  a  core  value  orphan  mission  and  an  important  lack  of   training.     This  reality  wont  hurt  politically  AMLO,  but  will  prevent  him  from  reaching  clearly  and   convincingly   voters   who   are   likeable   to   hear   from   him   with   another   attitude   and   a   positive  approach  campaign.     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   4   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  5. 5. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   -­‐   Gabriel  Quadri,   who   led   the   PANAL   coalition,   has   been   the   most   pleasant   surprise   of   this   election:   a   public   speech,   positive,   fresh,   innovative,   honest,   wanting   to   escape   from  the  litany  of  accusations  and  allegations  that  have  fallen  in  the  other  candidates.                                                                       Ideas,  strength  and  training  are  the  keys  that  explain  this  phenomenon.  He  is  not  going   to  win,  but  will  succeed  on  the  building  the  base  of  his  political  future.     He   was   the   best   candidate   in   the   debates:   consistent,   credible,   close   to   the   people,   with  very  clear  messages.  It  was  not  an  easy  task  to  attract  the  attention  of  the  other   candidates  and  citizens  and  his  role  has  been  exemplary  and  worthy.     Congratulations  to  the  team  who  worked  with  the  candidate  and  did  an  excellent  job!       -­‐  Polls:  although  Mexico  has  very  solvent  companies  and  professionals,  the  sector  has   not  yet  found  a  way  to  make  surveys  a  serious,  credible  and  rigorous  tool  to  size  public   opinion.     With   the   real   difficulties   of   how   to   save   the   "no   truth"   political   answers   of   citizens   -­‐   also   increasing   in   Europe-­‐,   adding   the   measure   of   the   indigenous   and   the   poorest   communities.  The  vote  is  usually  "conducted"  in  these  areas,  and  trying  to  control  or   estimate  this  phenomenon  is  almost  impossible.     As  in  Spain,  the  polls  want  to  influence  public  opinion  and  momentum  than  measure  it.   #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   5   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  6. 6. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 -­‐   #FinalCoda:   Even   we   have   faced   a   long   election   time:   the   campaign   has   left   unanswered  the  key  challenges  Mexico  faces  as  a  society  and  as  a  State:       ·∙  Poverty:  over  55  million  people  excluded.  The  figure  continues  to  rise  freely.  It     has   not   been   objective   in   discussions.   There   have   been   no   firm   commitments     due  to  food  and  water  access,  illiteracy...       ·∙  Violence:  sociologist  Manuel  Castells  warned  about  the  proliferation  of  Failing     States   -­‐   states   where   under   the   same   borders,   two   power   structures   coexist:     one  stemming  from  the  institutional  architecture  of  democracy  and  the  other     one  stemming  from  undemocratic  and  linked  to  illegal  activities.         Las   Vegas,   some   Japan   cities,   Italy,   Russia,   Colombia   and   other   former   Soviet     republics   are   part   of   this   list.   Unfortunately,   Mexico   also   is   in   this   list.   The       narco  reaches  where  the  Mexican  state  structures  are  more  fragile.       Which  response  should  give  the  Mexican  State  to  this  reality:  live  and  socialize     it   or   fight   it?   The   Mexican   campaign   has   not   thought   about   it.   More   than     60,000  deaths  since  2006  and  a  major  source  of  instability  required  so.         ·∙  Corruption:  Mexico  is  the  most  corrupt  OECD  state.       Other  issues  have  been  orphaned  in  the  campaign:       ·∙   The   absence   of   a   public   media   to   help   shape   public   opinion   guaranteeing   a     certain  plurality  and  neutral  information  and  access;       ·∙  The  economic  model  of  sustainable  growth  and  the  environment;       ·∙  The  relationship  with  the  United  States  ...  among  others.         It  seems  that  the  questions  of  children  will  remain  orphans  are  unanswered:       #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   6   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  7. 7. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                  @aleixcuberes  is  @ingenia_pros  partner  &  consultant     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   7   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro