Prime Minister Rajoy on Spanish banks bailout; ransom or loan?


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Prime Minister Rajoy on Spanish banks bailout; ransom or loan?

  1. 1. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 Prime  Minister  Mariano  Rajoy:     a  ransom  or  a  loan?                                                                                                                                                        Source:                                                                                                 #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   1   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  2. 2. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 5  impressions  about  Prime  Minister  Mariano  Rajoy   after  the  announcement  of  the  "soft"  bank  "ransom"         Starting  point:  Economy  &  Competitiveness’  Secretary,  Luis  de  Guindos,  reached  an  agreement  with  the   Eurogroup  members  on  a  selective  "ransom"  of  100,000  €  millions  -­‐  for  the  Spanish  risked  banks.  After   denying   any   official   Spanish   request,   a   casual   Eurogroup   members   meeting   last   Saturday   and   outside   news  reporting  the  deal,  the  secretary  announced  the  agreement.       After   denying,   active   and   passively,   that   the   Spanish   government   would   not   request   any   European   financial   help,   an   informal   Eurogroup   call   and   the   information   coming   from   abroad,   on   Saturday   afternoon  the  agreement  was  announced.       De   Guindos   Secretary,   appeared   to   read   the   statement   of   the   agreement   and   answer   questions   from   reporters.   With   a   somewhat   arrogant   attitude,   the   first   question   -­‐come   from   the   CNN   international   correspondent-­‐  was  ignored  as  it  was  in  English,  "only  Spanish  Journalists"  was  Secretarys.  There  was   exceeded  trance  to  stand  up  and  answer  questions  uncomfortable  with  an  attitude,  at  times,  arrogant.       Was   the   main   goal   to  build  trust,   right?   And   where   was   the   Prime   Minister?   Didnt   he   have   anything   to   say?  Pressure  on  Mr.  Rajoys  silence  was  such  an  intense  and  special  dominated  the  news  cycle  later.  On   Sunday  the  Prime  Minister  spoke  from  Moncloas  Palace.         1.  Staging       Very   carefully   conducted   and   vey   solemn.   For   the   first   time   in   Mr.   Rajoys   La   Moncloa   we   saw   the   import   of   a   style,   that   President   Obama   and   Secretary   of   State   Hillary   Clinton,   also   Prime   Ministers   Blair   and  Cameron,  masters  ceremonies:  opened  the  doors  leading  to  a  corridor  ahead  and  the  smiling  leader   walking  forward  to  the  lectern  and  flags  set  to  frame  the  picture.       The   sense   of   motion   was   visually   interrupted   when   one   of   Mr.   Rajoys   aide   walked   backwards   and   have   a  word.       The   perception   that   President   Rajoy   walked   too   decided,   thrusting   his   arms   has   made   when   he   came   to   the   podium,   had   to   slow   down   over   kind   of   sharp   and   the   sense   is     broken   when   the   Prime   Minister   stands  and  looks  down  to  the  papers.  Mr.  Rajoy  is  still  not  used  to  this  scenery,  although  it  is  ideal  for   important  announcements  and  appearances.       2.  The  appereance     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   2   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  3. 3. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                 The  first  few  minutes  of  each  hearing  are  set  the  tone,  the  pace  and  the  attitude.  The  Prime  Minister   started  in  a  confidence  and  trusted  zone  where  he  feels  security:  returning  to  explain  the  context  and   what  people  know  and  the  usual  clichés  of  the  presidents  speech.       HIs  approach  seemed  at  first  to  hesitate  and  avoiding  jumping  right  into  the  issue  that  had  led  him  to   appear.   It   took   a   while   to   dive   him   into   the   subject.   The   permanent   gestures,   the   anarchic   and   unrhythmical  hands,  now  ranging  and  nodding  with  one  hand,  then  the  other,  and  with  a  continued  fast   and  not  reassuring  looking  to  the  auditorium  to  return  to  the  papers  indicate  discomfort  and  weakness   of  a  leader  who  seeks  protection  and  embraces  the  preset  script.       3.  Messaging       We  were  surprised  with  the  attitude  and  arguments  of  his  speech:       -­‐   When   apparent   contradictions   between   public   statements   and   the   result   of   public   policy   are   consistent,  allegations  of  turning  black  is  white  are  increasingly  apparent,  Prime  Minister  Rajoy  used  the   #karlroverian  strategy  to  build  legitimacy  and  strength  of  argument  precisely  from  where  the  attacks  are   coming.  In  this  case  of  inconsistency  and  unreliability.       The  theme  of  the  speech  was  "as  I  said  in  when  I  sworn  Office",  "as  I  warned  five  months  ago".  He  was   looking  for  the  "visionary  consistent"  &  "statesmanship"  frame.  "I  already  said",  "I  have  credibility".       This   position   has   been   limping   while   attempting   to   reinforce   the   idea   under   the   usual   common   rhetoric   grounds  like  "we  live  a  very  difficult  time",  "we  know  what  to  do"  and  "we  are  going  the  right  direction".       He  adopted  a  defensive  attitude  trying  to  avoid  the  debate  between  bailout   vs.   loan  "I  will  discuss  on   naming".  Gay  marriage  is  precisely  in  the  Constitutional  Court  by  the  word   marriage,  right?  Yes,  naming   is  an  important  issue  on  discussions.  So  he  appealed  to  "what  happened  yesterday"  a  neutral  position   when  you  want  to  avoid  the  bad  connotations  debate  on  the  floor.       He   announced   an   "historic   day   for   Europe,   the   Euro   and   Spain",   like   a   new   D  Day.   He   got   stuck   with   the   so  Spanish  attitude  of  putting  the  "feet   on   the   table":  "Im  the  one  who  pressed  -­‐I  havent  been  pressed"   and  "I  managed  the  situation".  That  led  to  undermined  the  credibility  and  trust.       The   script   needed   more   humility   and   gratitude.   Forgetting   that   you   are   receiving   help   because   by   yourself  you  are  not  able  to  succeed  and  showing  off  some  arrogance  is  a  bizarre  signal.       4.  Its  not  only  the  attitude         At   the   their   turn   reporters   asked   the   prime   minister   why   continued   public   statements   by   leading   members  of  government,  Mr.  Rajoy  himself,  the  Deputy  Prime  Minister,  including  the  Economy     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   3   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  4. 4. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                   Secretary,   denied   Spain   state   wont   seek   and   ask   for   European   help   to   save   the   banks,   and   then   they   have   been   denied   by   the   facts   and   reality.   Mr.   Rajoy   didnt   hesitated   a   moment   even   blinked   when   saying  that  "things  are  done  like  that".     I   wouldnt   found   a   better   definition   of   #OldPolitics.   "Because,   thats   the   way   it!   Because   I   said   so!"   A   great  declaration  of  ideas,  indeed.  Certain  Politics,  #OldPolitics,  still  believes  today  that  it  comes  down   to   a   game   of   spies,   governed   by   codes   of   conduct   of   excessively   testosterone:   arrogance,   opacity   and   lack  of  transparency,  doors  and  windows  closed,  foul  playing  ...         This  values  represent  a  missile  in  the  handcrafting  leadership  needed  today:  a  technocratic  conception   of   Public   Service   that   keeps   growing   the   political   distance   from   the   Public.   Today   we   move   towards   a   scenario   where   those   Sacred   Institutional   structures   in   the   past   are   more   horizontal   and   open   to   participation   and   decision   cross.   Although   in   Mr.   Rajoy   most   inner   intimacy,   this   reasoning   argument   and  response  are  unworthy  and  medieval.         5.  Dont  let  the  anecdote  to  outshine  your  message         The   presidents   trip   -­‐for   a   few   hours-­‐   to   Poland   to   support   the   Spanish   Football   National   Team   was   about   to   eclipse   his   statement.   Mr.   Rajoy   suggested   that   it   was   a   reward   for   having   managed   the   difficult  situation.       It   was   perceived   the   sense   that   he   was   more   comfortable   talking   about   sports   than   a   confronting   an   essential  issue  of  the  Spanish  financial  situation.  Again  whats  important  is  the  attitude  behind  facts.      A   more   prudent   and   humble   attitude   would   have   been   to   stay   in   Madrid,   working   in   La   Moncloa   to   continue   monitoring   the   situation   and   preparing   newt   week   schedule   and   send   Secretary   Wert   to   the   match.       On  Saturday  we  had  a  prime  minister  who  fails  to  appear  at  an  important  time  to  explain  a  decision  with   significant  consequences.  On  Sunday  his  appearance  was  announced  to  avoid  the  unsustainable  stress.   Only   25   minutes   to   give   evidence   of   whats   happening,   rushing   to   catch   a   plane   to   attend   a   football   game  that  leaves  us  images  like  this:     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   4   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro      
  5. 5. communication,  strategy  &  leadership  architects                                                                                                 Distortion  generated  by  images  showing  passionate  Prime  Minister  that  prefers  sports  to  govern,  make   decisions   and   explaining   them   to   the   Public.   We   unknew   the   bold   passion   of   Mr.   Rajoy.   Its   a   good  sign.   Although   we   should   require   him   to   be   equally   passionate   when   exercising   their   functions:   negotiate   with  European  leaders  and  facing  citizens.       Conclusion       This  is  how  we  build  trust   and   credibility?  The  adopted  decisions  are  the  best  ones  on  the  table?  The   attitude   and   tone   behind   every   gesture   is   suitable   and   the   right   one?   Despite   the   partisan   and   ideological  trenches  and  bunkers  inside  Spain,  the  information  from  the  outside  contribute  to  fall  myths,   also  mental  and  ideological  obstacles.       The  Spanish  government  is  denying  reality  in  evidence  confirmed  by  external  information:  the  image  of   triumphalism  is  not  the  best  sign  of  a  well-­‐done  job,  although  when  you  ask  for  help.     Fewer  feet  on  the  table,  more  humility  and  more  work  are  needed.         @aleixcuberes  is  partner  &  consultant  at  @ingenia_pro.     #newCommunication  #newLeadership  #newPolitics   5   www.ingenia-­‐                            @ingenia_pro