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presntation on lays (marketing)


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presntation on lays (marketing)

  1. 1. Presnted by:Aleena Khalid
  2. 2. Lays, get your smile on!PepsiCo - lays
  3. 3. Lays, get your smileon!Introduction:PepsiCo1965, Herman W. Lay of Frito lay and DonaldKendall of Pepsi-cola formed PepsiCo1986, operations of PepsiCo worldwide foodand beverages were combined2007, November, PepsiCo was divided in threeunits
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  5. 5. Lays, get your smile on!History of Frito lays and PepsiCo merger:1932, Herman W Lay opened a snack shop1938, he purchased the Barrette FoodCompany, renaming it “H.W. Lay & company1944, Lays was the first potato chip to appear ontelevision1965, Frito lay merged with pepsi-cola to form“PepsiCo”
  6. 6. Lays, get your smile on!Brands of PepsiCo:• Pepsi Cola• Aquafina• Mountain Dew• Marinda• 7up• Lay’s• Kurkuray• Cheetos
  7. 7. Lays, get your smile on!
  8. 8. Lays, get your smile on!• Something wonderful—a company that’s allabout good fun—doing good things when itcomes to making snacks and caring for theenvironment..Vision
  9. 9. Lays, get your smile on!Mission:•Focus on convenient foods•Provide opportunities for growth & enrichment•Strive for honesty, fairness and integrity
  10. 10. Lays, get your smile on!Objectives :•Produce high quality product & reasonableprice.• Facilitate as maximum share of market•Customer satisfaction is the top priority•Acquire the strong distribution channel
  11. 11. Lays, get your smile on!Food for the fun of it!Lays, get your smile on!Lays. Want some?Lays ka mazaa lo(Lays Pakistan)You cant eat just one....Lagi bet! (Lays India)No one can eat just one (Lays India)Slogans!!!
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  13. 13. Lays, get your smile on!Flavors:BarbecueSaltedFrench CheeseMagic MasalaNew flavors:Roasted Onions & BalsamicVinegarSalsaSour Cream and OnionsChicken Achari
  14. 14. Lays, get your smile on!Scandal on Lay’s-Haram:•Lays’sMasala hasE631 flavor•Sardinefish, Yeastuse in beermaking, Animal Fats
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  16. 16. Lays, get your smile on!Level and type of competition:•Competitor’s strategy•Standard of product and quality•Nature of products
  17. 17. Lays, get your smile on!The activity, set of institutions, and processes forcreating, communicating, delivering, and exchangingofferings that have value forcustomers, clients, partners, and society at large.
  18. 18. Lays, get your smile on!•Capture market share•Customer attraction•Strong distribution channels•Profit maximizationMarketing objectives:
  19. 19. • New commercial
  20. 20. Lays, get your smile on!Marketing environment:•Micro environment•Macro environment
  21. 21. Lays, get your smile on!•Suppliers•Marketing Intermediaries•CustomersMicro environment•Competitors•Publics
  22. 22. Lays, get your smile on!Macro environment:•Demographic•Economic•Natural•Technological•Political•Cultural
  23. 23. Lays, get your smile on!Marketing strategy:• Market segmentation• Target market• Positioning• Differentiation
  24. 24. Lays, get your smile on!Marketing Mix of Lay’s:•Product•Place•Price•Promotion•Customer Satisfaction•Convenience•Customer Cost•Communication
  25. 25. Lays, get your smile on!PRODUCT•Level of products•Augmented products•Consumer products•Convenience type of product•Product attributes•Quality•Features•Style and design•Branding
  26. 26. Lays, get your smile on!Price:•The pricing strategy to be used•Lays uses cost based pricing strategy•Lays cost consists of:•Man Power•Machinery•Electricity•Raw material•Employees•Profit maximization•Consumer satisfaction•Affordable price
  27. 27. Lays, get your smile on!Place:The place is where you can expect to find yourcustomer and consequently, where the sale is realizeHow to reach you customersLay’s target marketsCore benefitMarket of Lay’s
  28. 28. Lays, get your smile on!Promotion:Advertisement Sales promotion
  29. 29. Lays, get your smile on!
  30. 30. • Pak ad cash
  31. 31. Lays, get your smile on!BCG Growth Matrix:•Stars•Cash cows•Question marks•Dogs
  32. 32. Lays, get your smile on!PepsiPepsiCo Strategy to Market theirproducts:•Having consideration on marketing strategy create thimpression that the products market share and growthcan be enhanced•Products have some personality & characteristics•Customers have a channel to express themselve
  33. 33. Lays, get your smile on!SWOT Analysis:•Strengths•Weakness•Opportunities•Threats
  34. 34. Lays, get your smile on!Strength:•High brand image•Market dealer•Maximum level of satisfaction•Incentives are given•Worldwide distribution•Good Advertisement•Cost advantage, flavor range•Innovative capability
  35. 35. Lays, get your smile on!Weakness•Low supply remote area•Elite class is not consuming it•Rumors e.g. that lays has pig fat in them•Less quantity
  36. 36. Lays, get your smile on!Opportunities:•Supply could be extended to rural areas•Room for improvement•New local flavors e.g. cricket flavors wereintroduced•Reach to the elite class•Advertise more in shops and rural areas
  37. 37. Lays, get your smile on!Threats:•Competitors•New entries•Substitutes of snack food•Government policies•Customer demand
  38. 38. Lays, get your smile on!•In our analysis we discovered that 82 % people preferlays•The most liked flavor is salted•62 % consumes lays in colleges and universities•56 % is compelled by it due to its quality•More than 60 % families consume lays•38 % prefers the smallest packet of Rs. 10Analysis made through theQuestionnaire:
  39. 39. Lays, get your smile on!Lays has been segmented at different levels withattributes. It chooses its distribution channelssensibly, while its cost-based pricing strategy is profitmaximizing. With the promotion being done throughadvertising and “sales promotion” and according toour analysis, lays is yet to remain at the highest rank inthe world of potato chips.Conclusion:
  40. 40. Lays, get your smile on!