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Search advertising show alec burns applying the pareto principle to amazon advertising (1)

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Search advertising show alec burns applying the pareto principle to amazon advertising (1)

  1. 1. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow ALEC BURNS FLUID DIGITAL Applying the Pareto Principle to Amazon Advertising
  2. 2. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow Introduction | Amazon Advertising in 2019
  3. 3. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow STRUCTURE “Insanity consists of building major structures upon foundations which do not exist.” - Norman Mailer
  4. 4. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow Structure | If In Doubt, Single It Out ASIN #1 KEYWORDAUTOMATIC CATEGORY PRODUCT ASIN BRAND GENERIC
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  6. 6. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow STRATEGY “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” - Michael Porter
  7. 7. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow Strategy | The Right Tool For The Job Target Purpose Bidding Primary KPI Ad Types Automatic Keyword Research Low # of New Keywords SP Brand Keyword Protect Market Share High Steady Performance SP, SB Generic Keyword Volume, Visibility Medium Sales Growth SP, SB Competitor Keyword Win Market Share Medium - High Click/Impr. Growth SP, SB Category Volume, Visibility Low - Medium Sales Growth SP ASIN (own) Protect Market Share High Steady Performance SP ASIN (competitor) Win Market Share High Click/Impr. Growth SP
  8. 8. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow EXECUTION “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.” - Bruce Lee
  9. 9. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow Execution | Here’s One I Prepared Earlier
  10. 10. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow ● Product Focused Structure ● Targeting Methods Aligned with the Goal ● Constant Revision & Expansion of Targeting Conclusion | 80/20 for Amazon Advertising
  11. 11. @6urnsie | #SearchAdvertisingShow ALEC BURNS THANK YOU

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