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How does the chilean society subject


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Román, J. A. y Energici, M. A. (2008, junio) Subject and solidarity in neoliberalism: an analysis of Chilean ads. Subjectivity International Conference. Cardiff, Inglaterra

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How does the chilean society subject

  1. 1. How does the Chilean society subject? Neoliberalism, solidarity and subject in consumption societies José Antonio Román - Alejandra Energici Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Chile Cardiff, 27-30 Juny
  2. 2. Antecedents • The neoliberalism installation in our society: military dictatorship. • The following governments: in the after years a cultural transformation occur so neoliberalism and its market society “worked” in the Chilean society. • Among others, we are interested in two consequences: – The change in the norm of the social bond: from mutualism to altruism. – Changes in the forms of subjectivation.
  3. 3. The research • Sample: 12 Solidarity adds issued by private companies. • Analysis: the Analysis of Discourse model developed by Ian Parker (1990, 1992) and the subjectivation dimensions proposed by Nikolas Rose (1998,1999) Discourse Solidarity add Market solidarity technology Subject
  4. 4. Market solidarity • Solidarity is solved following a market model: in the concurrence of complementary interests Private Companies Intereses Benefited peopleConsumers Foundation
  5. 5. Logo of Falabella store Logo of a foundation that helps children in social risk
  6. 6. Solidarity à la carte : the altruistc consumer
  7. 7. The subjects in the market solidarity Companies Foundations Helped people Consumers
  8. 8. Altruistic consumer: subject-object The consumer is symbolically constituted as a variety of solidarity subjects and represents many life styles, according to the product or service that consumes.
  9. 9. Neoliberal Solidarity in the Consumption Society • Altruistic Solidarity • Market Solidarity: • Capitalization of the altruistic discourses • Hegemony of the neoliberal discourse Business Fashion Consumption Neoliberal Discourse Market Society