Sir Ken Robinson, The Element


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Sir Ken Robinson, The Element

  1. 1. The ElementBy Ken Robinson, Ph.D.This book is not justabout passion &creativity, but alsoabout diversity &discovery.Joyful Jubilant LearningA Love Affair With BooksBook review by Angela Maiers
  2. 2. The ElementThe Element is the meetingis the meetingpoint between natural aptitudepoint between natural aptitudeand personal passionand personal passion.
  3. 3. Everyone is bornEveryone is bornwith tremendouswith tremendouscapacities for creativitycapacities for creativity.
  4. 4. When they are very young, kids arentWhen they are very young, kids arentparticularly worried about being wrongparticularly worried about being wrong..
  5. 5. We are all born with tremendous naturalcapacities and we lose touch with many of them as wespend more time in this world.
  6. 6. Being in the Element & especially "in the zone"Being in the Element & especially "in the zone"doesnt take energy away from you;doesnt take energy away from you;it gives it to you!it gives it to you!
  7. 7. .Too many people neverToo many people neverconnect with their true talentsconnect with their true talents
  8. 8. Instead of askingInstead of asking"How Intelligent Are You?”"How Intelligent Are You?”We should be asking …We should be asking …"How Are You Intelligent?""How Are You Intelligent?"
  9. 9. One of the surest paths for finding theOne of the surest paths for finding theElement is to understand the intimateElement is to understand the intimaterelationship between creativity & intelligence.relationship between creativity & intelligence.
  10. 10. The ElementThe Elementdescribes a placedescribes a placewhere the thingswhere the thingswe love to dowe love to doand the thingsand the thingswe are good atwe are good atcome together.come together.
  11. 11. The Element is about discovering yourself,The Element is about discovering yourself,and you cant do this if youreand you cant do this if youretrapped in a compulsion to conform.trapped in a compulsion to conform.
  12. 12. Creativity is a stepbeyond imaginationbecause it requiresactually doingsomething ratherthan lie aroundthinking about it.
  13. 13. The Sequence of the Element:The Sequence of the Element:•I Get ItI Get It•I Love ItI Love It•I Want ItI Want It•Where Is It?Where Is It?
  14. 14. Perhaps thePerhaps themost importantmost importantattitude for cultivatingattitude for cultivatinggood fortunegood fortuneis a strong senseis a strong senseof perseveranceof perseverance.
  15. 15. Connecting with people whoConnecting with people whoshare the same passionsshare the same passionsaffirms that youre not aloneaffirms that youre not alone
  16. 16. We get multipleopportunities for newgrowth & development,& multiple opportunitiesto revitalize latentcapacities.
  17. 17. Our best hope for the future is to develop anew paradigm of human capacity to meet anew era of human existence.
  18. 18. And when you find something you’repassionate about…it no longer becomes work!
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