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Going From Legacy To DevOps


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High level steps for starting your DevOps journey while keeping security and identity and access management in mind.

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Going From Legacy To DevOps

  1. 1. Going From Legacy to DevOps How to achieve increased maximum application agility while increasing security Aldo Pietropaolo Good Dog Labs Inc.
  2. 2. Three DevOps Truths Business Capability Driven This is about deconstruction of key business capabilities, analyzing them, and determining whether or not they really should go the microservices route and why? Constant Prototyping This is about ensuring you continuously prototype the capabilities you want to convert over to a Microservices architecture. The faster you prototype the better! Fail Fast & Measure This is about measuring your investment, and getting to failure fast without consuming your life, money, etc. If you can’t decompose the business capability in weeks, it’s not worth it.
  3. 3. You will learn that nothing is stagnant New Technology Expand horizon to Atypical technology It’s not your typical enterprise anymore . 1. API driven IAM 2. Orchestration 3. Security & Compliance New Skills Gaps Time to go back to school Skills gap between “Monolith” and “Microservices” is large! Start Here: cles/microservices.html Change is Constant Get used to Change Design principals must include “change”, “flux”, “continuous nature”. Make change your friend not your enemy!
  4. 4. Your Organization WILL Change New Ways Of Working The “Matrix” organization is a thing of the past You will go from typical reporting structures, matrices, to an integrated human capital environment driven by same business goals. It’s all about Constraints Constraints to business outcomes must be continuously eliminated Every single person must be dedicated to removing constraints and bottlenecks, or nothing really goes the DevOps path. Transparent Metrics Metrics must be transparent to everyone This may be uncomfortable to some, but key to the business and DevOps journey. It's Not about blame! The “blame game” dies.
  5. 5. Deconstructing The Monolith
  6. 6. Monolith M M M M J2EE Application Single Large Package Business Capabilities Functions Integrations Business Capability Microservice Change Impacts all business capabilities Longer Dev Lifecycle Deconstruct Business Capabilities & Protect Them with IAM APIs CI/CD Pipeline Security & IAM APIs IAM API Microservice Messaging Business Capability Microservice Container Container Securely transform your Monoliths
  7. 7. At some point you must detach key business capabilities into a Microservices model and not use the Monolith as a “crutch”. Do not detach without having a robust CI/CD pipeline that includes security, IAM, governance, and compliance. Ensure you can handle continuous delivery, maintenance, updates, tests, and security. Monolith Bridge M M M MDetach Let Go Of The Monolith Crutch
  8. 8. Immediate Steps To Take
  9. 9. CHANGE (1) Socialize change and get comfortable. Insert “change agents”. Reach out to cconsulting partners. PROTOTYPE (2) Prototype a set of key business capabilities. Build your initial CI/CD pipeline. FAIL (3) FAIL FAST, Learn, Measure, and Do It Again! MEASURE (4) Keep an eye on key outcomes, measurements, and constraints. Continue to improve. REPEAT (5) Develop both organizational and technology systems to iterate through those steps continuously.
  10. 10. Don’t be shy and Show your success! 95+ % of services Secure, Compliant, and governed 150% Sales agility and increase 90% Operational failure decrease 110% Development Cost Decrease 300% Employee Happiness Factor! Maximum Business Growth
  11. 11. Find out how we can help; reach out to