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Flag day proyect


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Published in: Education
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Flag day proyect

  1. 1. Flag Day - Proyect Names: Aldair Renato Ticona Quispe Giorgio Manuel Zavalaga Rojas Grade : 3 «B» English Date : 13/07/12
  2. 2. Flag Day is celebrate here in Peru yearly
  3. 3. Peruvians all over the country celebrate the Flag Day with parades and solemn ceremonies in commemoration to The Battle of Arica…
  4. 4. …where a group of brave Peruvian soldiersdefended the national flag "until the lastround was fired".
  5. 5. We celebrate all the years the Flag’s Day, at June 7
  6. 6. • All of the Peruvian person celebrate this day
  7. 7. Our Flag, have the colors red and white.
  8. 8. These colors represent the force and purity
  9. 9. Our Flag represent our culture, our history, our gastronomy, too.
  10. 10. We have good reason to pay tribute to our flag
  11. 11. QUESTIONS• 1. - When do Peruvian people celebrate the Flag Day?• 2. - What does the Peruvian Flag represent for us?• 3. - Why do we celebrate the Flag Day on this date?
  12. 12. ANSWERS• 1. - Peruvians celebrate Flag Day on June 7.• 2. - Peruvian Flag is the national symbol that identifies us and their colors represent: - Red represents the blood shed of the Incas and the patriotic heroes. - White represents the purity, peace and justice.• 3. - The Flag Day is celebrated on June 7 because it reminds the brave soldiers and national heroes who defended Peru in the Battle of Arica.