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10 tips on how to get the most from your new business agency


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This infographic shows 10 top tips that will help you maximise the opportunities generated by your new business agency and why it is so important to put the effort in to make the relationship work

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10 tips on how to get the most from your new business agency

  1. 1. 10 TOP TIPS ON HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR NEW BUSINESS AGENCY Set the partnership up from day 1 • Make sure your Account Manager meets all key personnel • Prepare fully for the meeting. Your agency should guide you as to what is required • Allocate sufficient time. A rushed briefing can significantly impact initial success • Agree a robust targeting strategy 2. Invest time in the briefing process 1.Get off on the right foot One of the most important sales tools 4. Be Passionate 3. Create great case studies 6. Keep your agency updated 5. Communicate effectively • Share your business goals and vision • Agree realistic deliverables • Treat your agency like you would a new employee. Make them feel a part of the team • Results, results, results. We know it is not always possible, but quantifiable results work on the phone • Structure. Keep them simple. Brief, activity, outcome. It tends to work • Aesthetics. Whether you are a creative, research or SEO agency, great looking case studies get attention • Be passionate and enthusiastic in all communication • This will inspire your Account Manager – if you believe in your agency, they will too and so will prospects • Deliver that passion in new business meetings • The briefing is a starting point. Once a campaign starts: • Be available • Return messages and calls • Voice any concerns early • Work with your agency collaboratively • Communicate as if your agency was in- house • Inform of company updates • Keep your agency up to speed with new client wins or other new business activities • Create a stream of new case studies once work is signed off and talk your agency through them • Providing new information creates an air of vibrancy • Provide feedback on: • Reporting • Meetings • Communication • The key is meeting feedback. Each meeting MUST have a follow up action agreed • This works both ways • Communication must be honest to create trust • If something is not working for either party, they need to shout • Treat your agency and caller respectfully and as you would your own staff. A poor relationship will create pressure and can only be detrimental • Human nature dictates that you will work harder and strive to do a better job for someone you like and get on with and who empathises and values what we do • Your agency provides a fun, rewarding environment. You can enhance that • There are plenty of highs, from the first meetings, to exciting briefs to wins. There is plenty to enjoy in new business • Take the lows and knocks on the chin. It will happen! 7. Provide feedback 9. Manners – treat your agency well 10. Enjoy it! BY: JIM PIPER 8. Be honest! Passion for your business will rub off on your Account Manager The briefing meeting is just the start Sounds obvious, but your agency needs feedback to deliver the best results It happens! Your agency is a supplier, but an important one. If the relationship is right, whilst tough, new business should be rewarding and enjoyable Both parties must be open and honest in communications The end goal is new business and you need to work with your agency This builds the foundations for a campaign