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Ingolstadt: Combining Tradition With Modern Communications Technology


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The City of Ingolstadt works with local trade association to provide free 24x7 secure Wi-Fi built using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise WLAN technology to keep its city centre alive.

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Ingolstadt: Combining Tradition With Modern Communications Technology

  1. 1. INGOLSTADT: COMBINING TRADITION WITH MODERN COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY City of Ingolstadt works with local trade association to provide free 24x7 secure Wi-Fi built using Alcatel-Lucent technology to keep its city centre alive. REGIONAL CASE STUDY MARKET: PUBLIC SECTOR REGION: EUROPE COMPANY: STADT INGOLSTADT Ingolstadt can look back on a long history: the city, which is located on the Danube in the heart of Bavaria, was first mentioned in the year 806; in 1472, the first Bavarian university was founded here; and what is thought to be the oldest provision still enforced to protect the consumer, the Bavarian Beer Purity Law, was enacted in Ingolstadt in 1516. Now, with some 130,000 inhabitants, Ingolstadt is the second largest city in Upper Bavaria and part of the metropolitan region of Munich and its five million people. Economically, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry play a key role while the growing number of students of the two universities and numerous tourists characterise the city of Ingolstadt. Ingolstadt has built on its long tradition to develop into a very modern city that consistently focuses on new technologies and communications media, and is always looking to support its residents and visitors with these developments. It comes as no surprise that the city was granted the eGovernment Award of the Bavarian government in 2012 for its exemplary citizen service portal.
  2. 2. 2 INGOLSTADT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE REGIONAL CASE STUDY 2 CHALLENGES • To create free Wi-Fi access in the city centre for all citizens and visitors • To provide free access to the internet for students and faculty members dur- ing their stay in Ingolstadt • To implement a future-proof WLAN infrastructure with highest legal security SOLUTION • Implementation of a free WLAN – con- troller at aligia, access points at shops, cafes and institutions in the city centre • Connection between eudroam and the Ingolstadt WLAN provided by aligia • The wireless network is operated by aligia GmbH who assume legal opera- tor’s liability BENEFITS • Attractive Wi-Fi solutions provides easy free-of-charge access to the internet • Students and lecturers can log in with the credentials of their home university • Landing page promotes the project partners contributes to refinancing the WLAN FREE WI-FI IN THE CITY CENTRE At the beginning of 2013, the city took the deci- sion to provide its citizens and visitors with public Wi-Fi access in the inner city. The local trade asso- ciation“IN-City eV”was involved in the project at a very early stage. The association has set itself the goal of making the city centre of Ingolstadt more attractive. Thus, they could be won easily for the idea of free internet access in the city. The third party involved was aligia GmbH , an experienced local IT service provider and long- time business partner of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which has the required technology and expertise for the planning and implementation of such a project. HAND IN HAND FOR QUICK SUCCESS In March 2013, the three project partners held initial talks, and soon the project began to take shape. It was agreed that the trade association IN-City (through an affiliate) would contract aligia GmbH to realize the project and to act as the operator of the free Wi-Fi. In May 2013, the contracts were signed and sealed, and the implementation could start. “A public Wi-Fi, which gives all citizens and visi- tors access to the Internet, requires special safety precautions,” says Wolfgang Stiegler, managing director of aligia GmbH. “Therefore, we put great emphasis on technical and legal access protection.” In their high-availability data centre, aligia GmbH installed the controller for the wireless network, an OmniAccess controller from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and other components that were required to build a firewall with the necessary support content filtering and other security and infrastructure services. Less than three months passed from contract to implementation of the infrastructure and the first access points. The City of Ingolstadt successfully installed the first wireless access point on Rathausplatz, followed by others on Viktualienmarkt and Schliffelmarkt. WORKING WITH LOCAL BUSINESSES TO GROW THE NETWORK In order to achieve the goal of an area-wide wire- less network in the city centre, IN-City offers its members to participate in the project: shops and cafes can expand their existing DSL connections with a Wi-Fi access point. To date, eight retailers and restaurants, local muse- ums and the local adult education centre have accepted this offer. They are mentioned on the landing page of the public Wi-Fi ( incityevents/free-wifi.html), a nice advertising for the merchants.
  3. 3. 3 INGOLSTADT ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE REGIONAL CASE STUDY Downtown visitors who want to use the “IN-City Free Wi-Fi” just need to register with their mobile phone number. They receive a code by SMS which allows them to access the wireless network at any time during the following 14 days. Since July 2013, the free Wi-Fi in Ingolstadt is online! Alcatel-Lucent’s master distributor KOMSA Systems delivered the technology for this project, which they also supported with a certi- fied technical specialist, during planning and go-live. Following the successful implementation in Ingolstadt, KOMSA Systems is looking forward to realize, together with aligia GmbH, similar projects in other cities. “This is a real opportunity for other cities to become even more attractive for residents and tourists through the implementation of a free public WLAN,” says Steffen Sahling, Key Account Manager at KOMSA Systems. “We are delighted to have the experience of Ingolstadt which shows just how this can be achieved.” INGOLSTADT FIRST CITY TO PROVIDE UNIVERSITY NETWORK “OFF CAMPUS” The free Wi-Fi in Ingolstadt is not only available to the citizens and visitors to the city, it also offers students and lecturers from around the world access to the“Education Roaming”network during their stay in Ingolstadt. Education Roaming (eduroam) is an international initiative that allows employees and students of the participating universities to dial in to the wire- less networks of all participating universities with the login data of their home university – a practical service for guest lecturers or students abroad. Universities in almost all European countries and also from North America and Asia participate in this initiative. One eduroam provider in Germany is the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ). The shared data centre of the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and four other universities operates high-performance computing systems to support scientific research at German universities. ViaaproxythatisintegratedintheGermanResearch Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetzwerk, DFN), aligia built a connection between eduroam and the public WLAN in Ingolstadt. This is the first eudroam access that is not operated by a univer- sity or college – but by a commercial company. “For the first time, students and faculty members of many participating universities around the world can enjoy the benefits of eduroam outside a university campus,” says Dr. Helmut Reiser from the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum. This “eduroam off campus” went live in October 2013. NEXT GOAL: AREA COVERAGE As a next step, the project leaders in Ingolstadt strive for widespread availability of the free wire- less network throughout the pedestrian zone.“Our goal is to offer free Wi-Fi access from the cathedral to the castle,”says Dr. JohannWerner , Head of IT at the City of Ingolstadt.“And that is why we are very pleased to see that more retailers plan to install WLAN access points in their shops and cafes.” And those in charge at the City of Ingolstadt have additional plans for more service. One idea is to offer visitors a WLAN-driven navigation through the city centre that is not only based on GPS, but also on a wireless inhouse network – with detailed information about places of interest and shopping facilities. In the meantime, the news has spread that the City of Ingolstadt offers community services based on the latest communications technology. IT Manager Dr. Werner receives requests from other cities, and he gladly explains the “model Ingolstadt” to his peers. "Our goal is to offer freeWi-Fi access from the cathedral to the castle, and that is why we are very pleased to see that more retailers plan to install WLAN access points in their shops and cafes." Dr. Johann Werner, Head of IT, City of Ingolstadt aligia GmbH designs and implements comprehensive IT solutions. Whether innovative clouds, latest server technolo- gies for data availability and security or any telecommunications bandwidth, aligia’s modern service and data centre provides the infrastructure and the appropriate IT concepts. Consulting at the highest level and a carbon-neutral hosting complete the portfolio. Headquartered in Ingolstadt, aligia supports some 1,000 clients in the heart of Bavaria. For more information, please visit CUSTOMER SUMMARY Stadt Ingolstadt MARKET: Public Sector NUMBER OF USERS: Between 800 and 1000 URL: