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Let’ go out of your HQ and enter into one of your branch office using the same access with the same usage and fluency, wherever you are. With the multi-service Enterprise Router, your voice & video communications are secured.

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  1. 1. OmniAccess Enterprise Services Routers Application fluency to the branch Ignacio Loizaga, Antonio García Romero Oct 18th, 2013 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  2. 2. AGENDA Router 1. OmniAccess Modular Switch AP 2. OmniAccess Compact 3. OmniAccess Ruggedized Media Gateway 2 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Applications Server
  3. 3. OMNIACCESS ESR PORTFOLIO SUMMARY OA 5840 OA 5725A OA 5710 + Applications OA 5720 Small branch Office OA 5850 Larger Branch Offices & Application enablement 3 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. OA 5725R Rugged: transportation & utilities
  4. 4. OMNIACCESS ESR FEATURES & SERVICES OVERVIEW ADVANCED IP ROUTING • • • • • • BGP, OSPF, RIP Multi-VRF BFD Policy routing VRRP Traffic balancing • IGMP routing • IPv6 SECURITY AND VPNS • IPSec VPNs • RRI, SCEP • DMVPN • L2TP • AAA • Stateful Firewall • Digital certificates REMOTE MANAGEMENT • • • • • QOS CLI, SSH, FTP SNMPv3 Syslog Traffic sniffer AAA • Diffserv • Congestion control (CBWFQ, PQ, WFQ…) • Traffic shaping 4 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. TOIP • • • • • NOE SIP H.323 Multi-codec Call admission control • PBX features LEGACY • • • • SNA X.25 / XOT Frame Relay SCADA (Modbus, IEC101, IEC102…) • HDLC, PPP, PPP-AT…
  5. 5. OMNIACCESS 58XX ROUTERS MEDIUM AND LARGE BRANCH OFFICES + Core1: Networking Router Switch Core2: Linux AP V Media Gateway State of the art in HW and SW features Single box solution: Competitive Pricing LTE and Wi-Fi options across platforms Cisco Positioning Cisco 29xx Higher performance than competitors Open platform for value added applications 5 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Applications Server
  6. 6. OMNIACCESS ESR COMPREHENSIVE TOIP FEATURES Wi-Fi SIP/NOE Phone 3G, 4G Router + Media gateway 4 Cellular LTE, HSPA, CDMA NOE/SIP phones Wi-Fi PSTN BRI, PRI, FXO Survivability IP Voice Terminals Unified Communications Softphones 1 Switched landline or cellular voice services BRI, PRI, FXS, E&M SIP Trunking xDSL, Fiber, T1/E1, LTE, etc. Fax PBX 2 Traditional Voice Terminals 3 Corporate IP Telephony system or Cloud Based services Enterprise Branch Office ANY TO ANY REAL-TIME APPLICATION ACROSS WAN 6 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. IP Call server or IP Centrex
  7. 7. ESR WWAN Enabler Best coverage spot WWAN Enabler Base Station OmniSwitch Cable Room OmniAccess      Easy installation, reception hassle free solution Wireless broadband (LTE, HSPA+, etc.) upgrade for the branch office Compatible with OmniAccess, OmniSwitch and leading enterprise branch routers Configuration-less: fully managed by the OmniAccess ESR Easy migration and unlimited scalability Landline WAN
  8. 8. OMNIACCESS ESR SECURITY APPLICATIONS IDS / IPS Vulnerability Assessment Security Operations Center (SOC) Security events coming from OA 5850 IDS / IPS 1 BYOD Security events coming from OSSIM sensor 2 Vulnerability scanning on local terminals SIEM Upload of Network vulnerability Tests Cloud based Management Internet VPN VPN OA 5850 with IPS / IDS application Security upgrades Router Cloud based Management Branch Office Management Center (NOC) Firewall Public or Private cloud Sensor Company Servers OA 5850 with vulnerability assessment application Central Office 3 Vulnerability reports, assessments and alerts Branch Office Anti-Spam, antivirus OPEN DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM! 1 Web and Email traffic is automatically scanned for malware, viruses, Trojans, etc. VPN Internet Public or Private cloud Cloud based Management OA 5850 with antivirus application 2 Branch Office Daily security updates from cloud services platform SECURE WAN/CLOUD ACCESS 8 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  9. 9. OMNIACCESS ESR CLOUD AND WAN APPLICATIONS Video Proxy Cloud Synchronized NAS Embedded local storage Synchronization with cloud based storage provider WAN Adobe Flash Media Server Branch Office OA 5850 with NAS Cloud application Central Office Web Cache Branch Office Central Office Web Server OPEN DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM! Web Server HTTP Traffic Internet Reduced HTTP Traffic WAN LAN OA 5850 with Web Cache application Internet VPN OA 5850 with Video Proxy application Reduced collaborative HTTP traffic (Optional) Cloud Storage Web Server APPLICATION FLUENT PUBLIC/PRIVATE/HYBRID CLOUD 9 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  10. 10. OMNIACCESS 5710 & 5720 ESR SMALL BRANCH OFFICE SURVIVABILITY PBX GE PORTS FOR LAN NAME MAIN WAN INTERFACE OA5710 Metro Ethernet (Copper) OA5720 Sub-Module Metro Ethernet (Fiber) OA5720 Sub-Module Serial OA5720 Sub-Module CELLULAR OPTION E1/T1 Cisco Positioning Cisco 8xx CISCO POS 887VA VDSL2/ADSL2+ OA5720 WI-FI 802.11 b,g,n Regional variations supported 891 LTE & WIFI OPTIONS FANLESS – LONGER LIFETIME 892F 1905 HIGH PERFORMANCE 1921+HWIC Cisco Positioning Cisco 19xx 10 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRICE COMPETITIVE
  11. 11. OmniAccess 5725A Automotive/Transportation router Transportation Ruggedized for temperature, shock and vibration Location based WiFi access point of terminal based on geo-fencing Battery powered, with ignition detection and delayed turn-off Advanced IP communications Cisco Positioning 819HG Embedded standalone state of the art GPS 4G ready
  12. 12. OmniAccess 5725A Automotive/Transportation router Passenger Operations Department CCTV/DVR Passenger Wi-Fi Police 4G Transit Authority Fare Collection Maintenance Department Marketing Department Internet 4G Cellular, Wi-Fi Cameras Digital Signage GPS On-board DVR Passenger Hot Spot, Authorized personnel Other on-board systems (e-ticket, telemetry) 12 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Bus Vehicle Health Digital Signage
  13. 13. OMNIACCESS 5725R RUGGEDIZED ROUTER Harsh Environments Extended temperature range (& fanless) 6 port switch and serial port Advanced IP communications Specialized protocol support Cisco Positioning 819HG 13 COPYRIGHT © 2013 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. High end electromagnetic ruggedization Flexible WAN: xDSL, LTE, Metro Ethernet