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Different Approaches To Online Reputation


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There Are 4 Different Approaches To Online Reputation by which you repair n manage your internet reputation.

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Different Approaches To Online Reputation

  1. 1. Call On: 1300 760 363 There Are 4 Different Approaches To Online Reputation Management. Which One Are You Following?
  2. 2. Call On: 1300 760 363 ▪ Online reputation management is a strategy (or process) that a business should resort to, when it needs to recover from a disaster, meaning, when a negative review goes viral and affects the sales, or even worse, when something from the past comes back to haunt. – This is what most of the businesses think of ORM. But is it true? Is managing your reputation online only about undoing the damage already done, or is there another side to it? There is.
  3. 3. Call On: 1300 760 363 ▪ Let’s take an example, and try to figure how different businesses may perceive it. Customer: You guys serve amazing coffee. If only you had some coffee table books as well. I mean, some people do like to read, just saying! Selective perception: The part where the customer talks of something negative and/or gives a suggestion may be completely ignored. Approach: A thank you note –We are glad to know that you like our coffee. Do come back!
  4. 4. Call On: 1300 760 363 Ignorance is bliss: If you do not have a website, you don’t have to worry about online reviews. Website reputation? Now, what’s that? Approach: We hardly use the Internet. Which site did you submit the review on?
  5. 5. AIDA: Taking advantage of the review(s) for: Call On: 1300 760 363 1. attracting more customers, 2. evoking their interest, 3. convincing them that they have a strong desire to come back, and 4. asking them to act upon this desire Approach: Thank God, you pointed it out. We have arranged for 100+ coffee table books, including some of the bestsellers, for YOU, and our other valuable customers. Hope, you pay us a visit soon. And yes, did we tell you, we now also serve coleslaw sandwiches? They taste best with latte. Do try them, when you are here!.
  6. 6. Call On: 1300 760 363 Retaliation: Getting back at the customers; losing cool; making an attempt to prove them wrong. Approach: We think you are mistaken. We don’t run a library here, do we? Why do you expect to see books? We serve the best coffee in town, and that should do!
  7. 7. Call On: 1300 760 363 ▪ It’s interesting to note how some businesses turn a blind eye, while others conveniently forget that Customer is very much the King, and has always been. But, the question is: what should you do, when faced with a similar situation? Should you retaliate, or should you look on the bright side, or would it better for you to simply give up on the idea of internet reputation repair, because hey, you run a brick-and-mortar store? ▪ NO! Online reputation management should entail seeing an opportunity in adversity – if the customer is not happy, try and find out why, and get there – in fact, give them another reason to come back to you!
  8. 8. Website URL: Contact: 1300 760 363 Email- ID: Getting in touch