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5 Small Things You Didn’t Know Are Killing Your Conversion Rates


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Bringing you the most common of the ecommerce flaws that sway prospects into leaving a Magento website making a purchase.

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5 Small Things You Didn’t Know Are Killing Your Conversion Rates

  1. 1. 5 Small Things You Didn’t Know Are Killing Your Conversion Rates Call : 1300 760 363
  2. 2.  Are you getting tons of traffic but not enough sales?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many online merchants and their expert Magento web designers put significant time and money into their ecommerce store only to lure visitors that do not buy. Not enough sales? Call : 1300 760 363
  3. 3.  While it is one considerable win to be able to drive your target audience to your Magento store, high traffic won’t really make a difference if there are no purchases or sales.  There are a number of reasons why some visitors fail to buy and convert. We bring you the most common of the ecommerce flaws that sway prospects into leaving a Magento website making a purchase. Why some visitors fail to buy and convert? Call : 1300 760 363
  4. 4.  Visiting an ecommerce website where products are arranged in a disorganised manner can completely turn off visitors and encourage to abandon the website immediately.  It takes a product browsing hassle-free experience for prospects to continue shopping and make a purchase. So, make sure your products are properly arranged and products categories, which often cause confusion and frustration, are displayed systematically too.  A disorganised design Call : 1300 760 363
  5. 5.  In an ecommerce store, customers aren’t able to examine their desired product physically or try them or feel the quality. So, the decision whether to go for it or not largely depends on images.  Low-quality, blur product pictures can leave a poor impression on the buyer and overwhelm them. On the other hand, putting up clear photographs of the product taken from different angles with good lighting not only makes the product look good but it also reflects your professionalism and credibility.  Cheap images Call : 1300 760 363
  6. 6.  Pictures alone don’t improve the presentation of products. A fine product copy compliments the product image to depict the real value and worth of the product.  A carelessly written description with spelling mistakes, poor grammar and inapt description itself can discourage potential customers and make them hesitant about their purchase.  Puny product descriptions Call : 1300 760 363
  7. 7.  It’s not too difficult to change the buyer’s mind at the last stage that is the checkout. Too many steps, unexpected charges and surprises, personal detail formalities and sign up are some factors that can possibly lead visitors to cart abandonment.  Make the checkout process as simple as possible so that the buyers can quickly complete their purchase without any hassle.  Intricate shopping cart Call : 1300 760 363
  8. 8.  Multiple options certainly lure more customers but too many choices can leave customers overwhelmed and paralysed. It may sound good to present your customers with options galore to choose from but often those unnecessary choices distract buyers from their desired goal and lead to cart abandonment.  It is advised to keep your offerings simple and limited. By reducing choices, you can make it quick and easy for buyers to complete their purchase and be satisfied with their final choice.  Too many choices Call : 1300 760 363
  9. 9.  So, having gone through these issues and flaws related to ecommerce design, content and organisation, you now have an idea how even small details like product descriptions and images can affect prospects’ buying decision.  If you’re hiring a Magento web designer for your ecommerce development, make sure that professional is capable of building a store that gives visitors enough reasons to complete their purchase and turn into valuable customers. The conclusion Call : 1300 760 363
  10. 10. Address: Contact No.: Website: Email: Get in Touch.. Suite 610/12 Century Circuit Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Australia 1300 760 363 Call : 1300 760 363