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Reviews for Quilling Basics


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We celebrate one year of Quilling Basics available on ebook format (Kindle format on Amazon).
This presentation mention the reviews that the audience write on Amazon and on in the first year since the book Quilling Basics is available for public.
The book is adressed to begginers in quilling and a lot of audience appreciated the informations inside it.
If you bought this book, please let others to find about your reading experience or how Quilling Basics helpt it!
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Reviews for Quilling Basics

  1. 1. About QUILLING BASICS: Discover the Magic World of Surprises in Quilling  Best for beginners in quilling;  The 1st book from Silent Quilling Series;  Structured in five chapters and five appendixes;  Explain what type of paper you could use in quilling;  You will find what are the materials and tools that you need and tips that will help you in this craft;  Give you step by step instructions for basic shapes and for a couple of quilling designs;  A story woven in, with Cosmina as main character.
  2. 2. Chapters in QUILLING BASICS Chapters: 1. Types of paper recommended for quilling; 2. Basic tools required for quilling; 3. Rolling the paper and basic shapes; 4. Tips every beginner should know; 5. Quilling designs you can make at home. Appendix: 1. How to make quilling paper; 2. Types of paper and using recommendations; 3. Metrical dimensions; 4. Basic quilling shapes; 5. Standard colours for quilling paper strips; 6. Glossary.
  3. 3. Buy Quilling Basics on Discover-Surprises-Silent- ebook/dp/B016NA3ZNY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF 8&qid=1480589889&sr=8- 2&keywords=quilling+projects Reviews for Quilling Basics 22 reviews
  4. 4. Educative quilling book Quilling Basic is a nice and easy book
  5. 5. Two surprises in one book The best quilling book ever
  6. 6. Nice surprise for my sister
  7. 7. Good idea for my Christmas Tree in Quilling Basics Magic story. Helpful book by Alberta Neal
  8. 8. Quilling Basics give me joy. Quilling Basics useful for children therapy
  9. 9. Beginners this is for you Very good instructions by Alberta Neal
  10. 10. Gook book Quilling Basics Beautiful quilling book
  11. 11. Great for beginners, with a story woven in. Quilling is fun. This book is great for beginners Love it!
  12. 12. Very Helpful! Very informative Lots of information.
  13. 13. Great starter book. Very helpful and was an easy read. Good job to the author! Alberta Neal She finds the book easy to understand
  14. 14. Buy Quilling Basics on Surprises-Silent- ebook/dp/B016NA3ZNY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid= 1480590198&sr=8-1&keywords=alberta+neal 1 review on Reviews on
  15. 15. Buy Quilling Basics on ebook/dp/B016NA3ZNY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480590237&sr=8 -1&keywords=alberta+neal 3 reviews on Reviews on
  16. 16. Brilliant introduction to quilling
  17. 17. Buy the book from ling-Basics-Discover- Surprises-Silent- ebook/dp/B016NA3ZNY?ie= UTF8&keywords=alberta%2 0neal&qid=1480590309&ref _=sr_1_1&sr=8-1 Review on
  18. 18. Buy the book from Italy: Basics-Discover-Surprises-English- ebook/dp/B016NA3ZNY/ref=sr_1_1?i e=UTF8&qid=1480590376&sr=8- 1&keywords=alberta+neal Per iniziare Review on
  19. 19. Find more video tutorials in quilling on the website: Nice book. Very concise. Reviews on
  20. 20. Thanks for your reviews ! If you bought this book, please let others to find about your reading experience or how Quilling Basics helpt it!