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JTC Event 2012 - Access for Students with Print Disabilities - Roy McConnell, Carrie Anton, and Nicole Lakusta


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JTC Event 2012 - Access for Students with Print Disabilities - Roy McConnell, Carrie Anton, and Nicole Lakusta

  1. 1. Access for Students with Print Disabilities (Photo Not Available for Posting)
  2. 2.  Print Disability…copyright law states prevents or inhibits a person from reading a literary or dramatic work in its original format, and includes: a) Severe or total impairment of sight or the ability to focus or move one’s eyes; b) The ability to hold or manipulate a book; or c) An impairment related to comprehension Estimated 3 million Canadians have a print disability Extrapolated to ECS-12 in AB…over 60 000
  3. 3.  People who cannot read print due to a disability have access to only 7% of all published works. (2011 RNIB study)
  4. 4.  10% of Canadians have a print disability Most developed countries have a national library for their citizens with print disabilities… Canada does not at this point We are moving there with a proposal called the HUB… it would take the current, full CNIB collection and make it available to more that just the blind
  5. 5. DigitalAccessible
  6. 6. Physical Downloadable/ Streamed Audio on CD/Tape  E-Text DAISY CD  MP3 Large Print  Downloadable Braille DAISY  Electronic Braille
  7. 7.  Accessible Websites Described Video On-screen Text Multimedia
  8. 8.  In 2011 Adult fiction ranked #1 in revenue among all individual print and electronic formats Last year 43% of Americans read an e-book IDEA is a driving force in the US…NIMAS included as part of IDEA ePUB 3 is becoming the standard for universal e-book format by commercial publishers ePUB 3 has the DAISY navigation advantages built in…UDL in practice
  9. 9.  Handheld Optical Magnifiers, CCTV’s, Electronic Magnifiers Refreshable Braille Displays, Braille Notetakers Reading Machines such as eClipseScan or Extreme Reader DAISY Players Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
  10. 10.  Text Enlarging…ZoomText, Magic, iZoom Screenreader…JAWS, Window Eyes, System Access OCR Software Text-to-Speech…Kurzweil, Read & Write Gold More and more the world of UDL is infiltrating this area….ie: iOS devices
  11. 11.  Learning Resources Centre- Alberta Education BookShare Canada Audible Books Wikibooks Project Gutenberg