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Recommendation Letter - Albert Faul


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Recommendation Letter - Albert Faul

  1. 1. April 30th 2015 Dear Sir or Madam, I have had the pleasure to work alongside Albert J. Faul (Operations Director of HIWPT) since August 2013. Albert is exemplary of leadership in form and function - he looks & acts the part. What this meant in his capacity at HIWPT was an earned & commanded respect. I observed him lead by example & by an obvious experience in directing fellow workers. I would recommend Albert for leadership positions that required firmness & excellence. Though I was not privy to actual statistics, I observed a progressive improvement in appearance & performance of the facilities, equipment & grounds of HIWPT while I worked with Albert. Albert also was able to affect a more efficient & effective behaviour among his subordinates as well as his colleagues. Albert was also a very pleasant & fair director. What’s more, at times when it would not detract from the operational disciplined behaviour of co-workers, Albert could become quite humorous - within a measured reserve. I ceased working with Albert in April 2015 which is unfortunate & I envy those who will continue to train & operate with this fine gentleman. I expect he will continue to impress & please those whom he works with & for in the future. Albert is always an outstanding choice in executive & leadership positions. If I may be informative in any further matters which I would be qualified to elaborate on Albert’s abilities, I would be delighted to help. Regards, Ryan L Buchanan Technology & Technical English Educator Laureate Vocational Saudi Arabia Higher Institute for Water & Power Technologies