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Geopolitics and internatioonal relations


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Geopolitics and internatioonal relations

  1. 1. Geopolitics & International RelationsGeopolitics is a multidisciplinary area where the large concentration and focus would be to understandthe changing international security environment with a geopolitical and geostrategic focus. Theemphasis of the Geopolitics programme would be on the regions geographically and the attempt wouldbe to understand the various regions of the world with an Indian perspective.The Geopolitics department would provide a holistic understanding of both international and nationalsecurity debate by drawing concepts and components from Economics, Political Science, InternationalRelations, Foreign Policy and Science & Technology. The Geopolitics is a truly multidisciplinary area.Objectives:To impart world class education in the field of national and international security issues with an IndianperspectiveTo forge collaborative teaching and research programmes on the geopolitical and geostrategic areaswith the universities in the US, UK, Russia, China and SingaporeTo develop an understanding on the complex issues relating to the strategic and defence issuesTo build a next generation of strategic affairs and defence issues experts in the countryVision:Secure the nation and the world through the understanding of the nuances of peace and conflict issues.Create an interdependent world by understanding the geopolitical and geostrategic developments inthis era of globalization.Post Graduate Courses: 1. MA Geopolitics and International Relations (MA GIR) 2. MA in National Security StudiesPG Diploma Courses: PG Diploma in Gandhian and Peace StudiesFacts and Figures:The Department of Geopolitics was established in 1999 with a mandate to conduct policy and academicresearch on national and international security issues. The Department of Geopolitics in addition toconducting research had initiated a number of track two dialogues on international security issues withthe USA, China, Taiwan, Israel, Iran, and Russia. The Department has produced a number of academicand policy papers on international security issues. Manipal University has introduced highly specializedPost Graduate course in Geopolitics since 2008. The academic curriculum of the teaching programme
  2. 2. has been designed to promote the discourse and evolve an Indian perspective on the ongoinginternational security debate.Why Geopolitics?The pace at which the international security environment has been deteriorating is rapid. Theunderstanding on the complex issues relating to the emerging geopolitical and geostrategicenvironment would be essential and important because of the rise of non-state actors. The study onGeopolitics with a great focus on the “Regions” and the regional security would help in the growth ofknowledge and in process would help in defining the solutions to the emerging intricate problems.Why Choose Geopolitics for Postgraduate studyThere is a keenness growing elsewhere in the world to know more about India. Each of the members ofthe international community (around 192 nations) has been eyeing on India. The pace at which India isgrowing is phenomenal. In the current era, there are lots of requirements for India experts. Thoseuniversities in the US which have South Asia programme are now talking about India programmeexclusively. The course offered in Geopolitics would make a modest attempt in fulfilling the emergingrequirements in both international and national security arena. An attempt would also be made in thecourses offered to analyze the security issues with an Indian perspective. In an era of globalization, thecourse in Geopolitics would be very vital and important for younger generation to make a career in thefield.