#DigitalInvasions at "Museum and the Web" in Baltimore


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We've invaded Baltimore's museums on april 1st 2014 during the "Museum and the Web" conference! Thanks everyone for joining us there! www.invasionidigitali.it

#DigitalInvasions at "Museum and the Web" in Baltimore

  1. 1. It's misleading to suppose there's any basic difference between education & entertainment. This distinction merely relieves people of the responsibility of looking into the matter. (Marshall McLuhan)
  2. 2. The drawer of boredom Ph. Jitze on Flickr
  3. 3. Ph. Cpfl Cultura on Flickr Ph. Maks Karochkin on Flickr Ph. Matt Ming on Flickr Ph. Taqumi on Flickr Ph. _Marina_ on Flickr The end of labor is to gain leisure Aristotele
  4. 4. "No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive."
  5. 5. The audience is dead – let’s talk participants instead. Jim Richardson
  6. 6. Source: Nina Simon The Participatory Museum
  8. 8. “We believe in new forms of conversations and disclosure of our artistic heritage never more authoritative, conservative but open, welcoming and innovative.” Ph. Eli Brown on Flickr
  9. 9. “We believe in a new connection between museums and participants based on the active participations of people to the production, creation and valorization of culture.”
  10. 10. “We believe in new ways of experiencing cultural sites, never more passive, where knowledge will be built and not only transmitted. Where the participant will be involved and creating another form of art. Ph. By Fabio Nardella
  11. 11. “We believe in the opportunity of the web and social media to break down all the cultural barriers” Ph. By hanspoldoja on Flickr
  12. 12. It’s possible!
  13. 13. Non toccare, Non fare fotografie, Non parlare, Non entrare col passeggino, Non sedersi, Non portare l’ombrello, Non entrare con lo zainetto, Non disturbare, Non calpestare… Ma anche: Riservato a … Entrare uno alla volta… Entrare solo se … Vietato a… IL MODELLO DEL NO! Foto Ferenza Lenzi scripta-and-co.com
  14. 14. Historic Ships in Baltimore represent one of the most impressive collections of military vessels in the world. Overview of the USS Constellation’s history Yes to Photos and Videos
  15. 15. Built in 1983, featuring over 150 wax figures, the exhibits detail experiences from ancient African royalty and colonial American enslavement, to the Civil Rights Era and the present. Only photos, no videos
  16. 16. The visit will focus on the recent hackathon the museum hosted, Art Bytes. During this event, the Museum made available the new API and invited the creative community to build programs and applications inspired by art or to add to the museum experience. Some of the projects will be presented and there will be the possibility to test them while visiting some of the galleries. Yes to Photos &Videos
  17. 17. The museum’s building was originally a 19th-century oyster and vegetable cannery. The tour will include the cannery, blacksmith and machine shop, garment loft, and print shop galleries. There will be demonstrations of the machines and equipment used in each of these industries. Photos & Videos are welcome
  18. 18. The visit will be focused on the exhibition “Human, Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity”, which examines the impact technology has on us as a society. Yes to Photos and Videos but only outside, not in the main building
  19. 19. How does it work? Ph. JD Hancock on Flickr
  20. 20. Wanna be an Invader? Invaders at the Castle in Populonia
  21. 21. The Invaders at the Castrum Vetus inLentini! Find a group of Invaders!
  22. 22. My Mart Museum . . . by Daniela Bortolotti Close your mouth, open your eyes.
  23. 23. Our weapons Ph. 55Laney69 on Flickr
  24. 24. Tablets!
  25. 25. The painter's work does not end with its context: it ends in the eye of the observer. Alberto Sughi
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  29. 29. Tipoteca Italiana- © Antonio Bellan - Concreate Studio® Ignorance: there is a cure
  30. 30. Learn Digital Invasions at Tipoteca Italiana
  31. 31. Culture is in th eye of the observer The Invasion at the Fuseum Museum in Perugia
  32. 32. A kid explaining the invasion in sign language
  33. 33. #DIGITALINVASIONS Specific #MUSEUM’S tag
  34. 34. Collecting DATA
  35. 35. A self-invaded Gallery
  36. 36. You MUST come here!
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  39. 39. At the end of the Invasion!
  40. 40. Sono persone. Be a Traveler, be an Observer. Tell the world your story Inspire the world with your story
  41. 41. Ph. Art_inthecity on Flickr
  42. 42. Ph. Skippyjon on Flickr Let’s invade! www.invasionidigitali.it