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Nebula Case Studies 2016


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Nebula® is the latest, highest activity shaped base metal catalyst and is the gold standard in catalytic hydrotreating. Nebula has been successfully applied in practically all HPC applications, from haphtha Hydrotreating to hydrocracking pretreatment. The most frequent applications are ULSD and HCPT.

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Nebula Case Studies 2016

  1. 1. The #GoldStandard for Catalytic Hydrotreating Processed 2X more LCO, LVGO & Aromatic Extract distressed feedstock Application was the refiner’s 5th consecutive cycle using Nebula∏ Application Conditions Operating Conditions Application Ultra-low-sulfur diesel Payback period of only 2 months in operation, leading to +20MM Euro in profits Target Maximum distressed feedstock Feed Type Blend of SRGO,LCO, VBGO and aromatic extract Operating Pressure 70 bar LHSV 1.2 h-1 CoMo STARS® Vol. % CoMo STARS NiMo STARS 20% 27% 28% 25% Case Study: ULSD-STAX® Configuration Maximize distressed feedstock while sustaining cycle length and controlling H2 consumption.
  2. 2. The #GoldStandard for Catalytic Hydrotreating +12-14 wt% aromatic saturation and +2-3 API uplift = higher volume swell Application was the refiner’s 1st cycle using Nebula∏ Application Conditions Operating Conditions Application LCO HC-PT Lower operating temperature (20-30°FWABT) allows for longer cycle and flexibility to switch between Naphtha or Diesel mode to capitalize on margins Target Several objectives: volume gain, product properties, cycle length Feed Type 100% light cycle oil Operating Pressure 97 bar (1,406 PSIG) LHSV 2.5 h-1 NiMo Vol. % NiMo STARS 27% 43% 30% Case Study: LCO HC-PT STAX® Configuration Optimize operations between the pre-treat and cracking section while increasing volume swell and sustaining it over an increased cycle run
  3. 3. The #GoldStandard for Catalytic Hydrotreating Significantly increase distressed feedstocks, i.e., aromatic extract, plus a +20% increase in throughput and a +45% increase in cycle length Application was the refiner’s 4th consecutive cycle using Nebula∏ Application Conditions Operating Conditions Application VGO HC-PT Short payback period ( 4 months),leading to additional profits for refinery Target Increasefeedseverity, throughputandcyclelength Feed Type Heavy feed plus aromatic extract Operating Pressure 115 bar (1,668 PSIG) LHSV 1.0 h-1 NiMo STARS Vol. % 80% 20% Case Study: VGO HC-PT STAX® Configuration Boost refinery margins by allowing the unit to process heavier feeds, increase throughput and run longer cycles
  4. 4. The #GoldStandard for Catalytic Hydrotreating Continuously processed more severe CGO while increasing throughput (5-10%) and maintaining cycle length over successive cycles The refiner is currently planning for their 5th cycle using Nebula∏ by targeting increased density uplift and severity Application Conditions Operating Conditions Application ULSD Short payback period coupled with increased volume swell,leading to increased profits for the refinery Target Process more severe CGO + volume swell Feed Type 30% CGO, 70% SRGO Operating Pressure 65 bar (943 PSIG) LHSV 1.9 h-1 NiMo STARS NiMo STARS Vol. % 60% 20% 20% Case Study: ULSD STAX® (4th Cycle) Push the boundaries of a medium-pressure ULSD unit to further optimize operations and profit
  5. 5. The #GoldStandard for Catalytic Hydrotreating The unit produced 10wppm sulfur (previous target: 350wppm) without sacrificing objectives and achieved +5-6 API uplift of the diesel product Application was the refiner’s 1st cycle using Nebula® Application Conditions Operating Conditions Application ULSD Large savings on capital investments, as no revamps were required and there was no long shutdown period Target Meet New Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Regulations Feed Type SRGO + CGO + Coker Naphtha (CKN) Operating Pressure 80 bar (1,160 PSIG) LHSV 2.5 h-1 NiMo STARS CoMo STARS Vol. % 59% 23% 18% Case Study: Avoid Large Capital Investments and Maximize Margins Utilize superior hydrogenation power of Nebula as a drop- in solution (STAX® ) to meet changing regulatory standards