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The us vs the uk web analytics job slideshare


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Why the US job market for web analytics seems to be so busy, offer plenty of senior roles, would even consider remote workers but not from the UK? It could be a win-win deal!

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The us vs the uk web analytics job slideshare

  1. 1. The US vs the UK web analytics job market Alban Gérôme @albangerome MeasureCamp Cincinatti 27 June 2020
  2. 2. London calling
  3. 3. Boston or New York
  4. 4. • Market is really quiet in the UK vs the US • Average salary seems to be double in the US • More senior web analytics roles in the US vs the UK • US companies are considering remote work From where I sit…
  5. 5. • US companies hire remote workers from the UK • At a salary that is below US average but above UK average What about?
  6. 6. Visiting the US for work • B1 visa: just visiting • B2 visa: working in the US for a short time • Working in the US office • Working at clients, meetings
  7. 7. Taxation of UK remote workers • US employer has UK presence already • Pay As You Earn scheme (PAYE) of UK subsidiary • US employer has no UK presence whatsoever • Intermediary company running a PAYE service • UK remote worker operating as a long-term contractor
  8. 8. • Every US role I have applied for all wanted remote workers based in the US or even in certain states • Are there any legal reasons for this? Tax advantages in certain states? Or just good old dislike for additional red tape?
  9. 9. @albangerome Thank you!