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Polymer-Polymer concrete bridge-IDM


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Done by Group:ABH-Qatar-7
School:Ahmed Bin Hanbal school for boys
Module Polymers: Through this module, students examine the different properties of the variety of polymers. Then they design and test a humidity sensor made of a polymer film. Finally, they are asked to design their own products.
This project explores the basic physics of bridges. The goal is that the student will develop an understanding through experimentation of which shapes are the most structurally strong, and that many factors are taken into account in engineering and building. The project provides a practical application of physics to a real-world context. We add rubber to sand,cement ,gravels and water .

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Polymer-Polymer concrete bridge-IDM

  1. 1. Al-Bairaq 7th cycle I am discovering materials POLYMERS Abh qatar 7 Talal khalid Mohammed Ali Talal ali
  2. 2. • Introduction : : : : : :
  3. 3. Introduction Definition of polymers Macromolecules consisting of a large number of correlation of small molecules with each other, and these are called small molecules (monomers). Types 1. Polymers as well: Polyethylene: plastic. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC): tubes, bags, vials. Poly-Acrylonitrile: synthetic fibers such as Alawrlon. Poly Styrene: plastic jewelry. Poly butadiene: synthetic rubber. 2. Condensation polymers: Polyethylene terephthalate: Synthetic fibers of poly ester type. Glues: packaging, plasticisers. Nylon 66: Synthetic fibers of nylon g Phenol formaldehyde: adhesives such as Bakaleight. Polyurethane: foam rubber used in insulation and upholstery
  4. 4. Before adding water After adding water
  5. 5. First second Third
  6. 6. Now we know that the water to move faster because its density is less than oil and honey.
  7. 7. Length / cmTime 4.5 cm0 min 13 cm1 15 cm2 15.5 cm3 16.5 cm4 17.5 cm5 18 cm6 18.5 cm7 19 cm8 19.5 cm9 21.5 cm10
  8. 8. Length / cmTime 5 cm0 min 12 cm1 14.5 cm2 16 cm3 16.5 cm4 17.5 cm5 18.5 cm6 19 cm7 19.5 cm8 20 cm9 20.5 cm10
  9. 9. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 13 cm 15 cm 15.5 cm 16.5 cm 17.5 cm 18 cm 18.5 cm 19 cm 19.5 cm 21.5 cm 0 min
  10. 10. The more molecular weight of material increases strength and decreases stretch ability and The less molecular weight of material decreases strength and increases stretch ability
  11. 11. Our project idea is mixing a polymer of high strength (rubber) With concrete to avoid the speed destroying of constructions so we can use it in many fields for Example: Buildings and bridges
  12. 12. Thanks you for Al-Bairaq team Unesco Ras gas shell Qatar petroleum