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Smart Sensors , Smart blind glasses , IDM9


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Done by Group : Diamond
School Name : Umm Hakeem Independent Secondary School for Girls.

Smart Sensors Module : Gives knowledge about smart sensors and the PVDF films through activities, experiments and projects which depend on smart sensors.

the product Idea is : The smart blind glasses have an infrared sensor , it will be used by blind people which will allow them to walk freely like any other normal person, or let’s say that they are going to walk like they actually can see.

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Smart Sensors , Smart blind glasses , IDM9

  1. 1. AL-Bairaq I am Discovering Materials Smart Sensor Group: Diamond -Maryam Mohammed -Mariam Jafar -Hajer Salah
  2. 2. Outline • Introduction • Activity 1: Evading Motion Detection • Activity 2: Taking a Tour of Some Sensors • Activity 3: Making a Microphone • Activity 4: Exploring The Piezo Effect • Activity 5: Measuring Piezoelectric or Pyroelectric Response • Design Project: Design a Coin Counter • Product Idea: Smart Blind Glasses
  3. 3. Introduction Smart sensors are smart devices that is being used in many sections, it converts physical amounts to electric amounts such as heat, pressure and light...and the output would be current or resistance.
  4. 4. Activity 1: Evading Motion Detection trying to evade a motion detector sensor Procedure: • We tried evading the motion sensor by: • Predicting it’s range • Put different batteries • we used cardboard and plastic even cloth • we also tried to walk really slow
  5. 5. Conclusion: It may seem impossible but everything worked fine and the sensor didn’t make any sound except for the fabric. Activity 1: Evading Motion Detection Results: • Range reach up to 18 feet • Range area in conical shape
  6. 6. Activity 2: Taking a Tour of Some Sensors Procedure: • three devices were placed in front of us • we were asked to compare between them
  7. 7. OutputProcessorInputDevice NumbersElectric circuitTemperatureThermometer Sound and movement Electric circuitBatteriesClock ColorsHeat transferHot waterCup Conclusion: A sensor is a physical system that responds by creating a useful response Results:
  8. 8. Activity 3: Making a Microphone Procedure: • This activity required making a table as well but with two different kinds of PVDF • one of the PVDF was rigid and the other was flexible
  9. 9. PVDF Rigid Flexible Rigid flexible Flick More Less More Less Scratch Less More Less More Blow Less More Less More Talk Less More Less More conclusion: After testing them out, we found out that the flexible PVDF is more sensitive Results:
  10. 10. Activity 4: exploring the piezo effect Procedure: Recognize the structure of a polymer Piezoelectric effect: is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.
  11. 11. Activity 5: Measuring Piezoelectric or Pyroelectric Response Procedure: Drop an iron ball on the PVDF and get the voltage Results: conclusion: The bigger the ball the bigger the voltage
  12. 12. Design project: Design a Coin Counter Procedure: •At this activity we had two tasks to do • Drop three coins on the PVDF then make a table for the mass and the voltage •After that we dropped the coins in the same height for three times on the PVDF
  13. 13. Mass V1 V2 V3 Average voltage m1 (8.4g) 0.23 V 0.17 V 0.08 V 0.48/3= 0.16 V m2 (5.4g) 0.31V 0.22 V 0.37 V 4.72/3= 1.57 V m3 (1.6g) 0.10 V 0.46 V 0.03 V 0.59/3= 0.196 V Voltage Unknown mass 0.58 V 7.1g conclusion: turned out, the bigger the mass of the coin is the bigger the voltage gets
  14. 14. •Introduction and rationale: •There is a group of people that the world doesn’t seem to care about but we do and we want them to feel normal as much as we can , there is blind people in every country but we want to start in our country Qatar for a first step Final Project: Smart blind glasses •The idea will make a big difference, not only for blind but the people that’s around them as well, our idea is not 100% new but I sure you it’s promising •The background of our product is physics and we learned some physics in the activities which is more fun than school’s technique
  15. 15. •We want blind people to see, not literally but make life a little bit easier for them and that’s going to be our goal •Our main purpose of this product is to put some hope in blind people and make the society accept them more Smart blind glasses Objectives and Aim of the Project:
  16. 16. Smart blind glasses Hypothesis: Is there a need for smart glasses for the blind? Will our glasses sense accurately infrared objects in front of it? Is the alarm fast enough to alert the blind person wearing the glasses? Will the alarm be noisy or to other people around?
  17. 17. Smart blind glasses Materials: The materials are simple and cheap also not really hard to find: • Sun glasses • Infrared sensor (An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument which is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings by either emitting and/or detecting infrared radiation) • Headphone
  18. 18. Smart blind glasses Methods: The headphone is attached to the sensor which will allow the person who is using it to walk without worrying about disturbing people around him, the sensor will sense certain objects that get’s in his way and that would turn on an alarm to make the person know that he have to move away or in a different direction.
  19. 19. Smart blind glasses Results: The smart blind glasses will be used by blind people which will allow them to walk freely like any other normal person, or let’s say that they are going to walk like they actually can see. The Qatari society will improve more if every citizen or resident worked for Qatar interest
  20. 20. Smart blind glasses Recommendations: • We recommend to put more effort into our project and make it even more developed and easy to use • We also do advice of more investigation for improvement of our product • If we ever faced obstacles in our experiments or testing of our product like not being able to buy or have the sensor we need we’re not going to give up on the product and we will find a solution or an alternative because we know that someone somewhere needs that product or maybe wish for it to happen
  21. 21. Conclusions We gained a lot of information's about sensors and we realized that we are surrounded by them, they are basically the five senses of the human being but as a machine or device to reveal what is going on in the world while humans are busy doing something more important.
  22. 22. Acknowledgment A big thank you for all the teachers that helped us, our school umm hakeem for encouraging us and AL-Bairaq team from Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Qatar University for supporting us during our journey with a AL-Bairaq. Also, I would like to thank the sponsors UNESCO, Qatar National Commission, Ras Gas, Maersk and Shell.