Cv Alba Inés Sánchez Váxquez (Im,Msm) English


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Cv Alba Inés Sánchez Váxquez (Im,Msm) English

  1. 1. MSc ALBA INÉS SÁNCHEZ VÁZQUEZ · · 52 + (442)2124998 ·442 2500021 PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Oriented to project development, with skills for identify and analyze needs and opportunities, as well as on the construction of strategies for the projects´ progress. Committed professional, with Master Degree in Science in Manufacturing Systems, with international exposure. Pioneer in Mexico in the research and development of Friction Stir Welding technology and on management and life-cycle closure for refrigerant gases as a Climate Change mitigation strategy. Driven and motivated to continuously learn and create links that allow the projects to grow and develop. Key Skills:  Team-player and driven towards  Analitical. collaboration.  Commited to find opportunites for  Strategies´ development. environmental impact reductions of  Improvement and innovation oriented. products and services. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Master in Science, with Specialty in Manufacturing Systems (MSM) 2011 Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro. Mechanical Engineer 2006 Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro, with HONORS. EXPERIENCE ® Founding Member/ Environmental Projects Manager Aug. 2009-Apr. 2011 RELEMENT S.A. de C.V. Winning Project of the SANTANDER High-Technology Scholarship. Winning Project of the “2010 Youth Entrepreneurs” ® Consultant on Friction Stir Welding on non-ferrous dissimilar alloys March-Apr. 2011 CARSO’s Research and Development Center ® Chair Professor Aug. 2009-Today Industrial Design Department - Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro ® Research Assistant: Friction Stir Welding Aug. 2008-Dec. 2010 Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro Organizer and Lecturer, Focus Group on Friction Stir Welding. Collaborating with the National Institute of Aviation Research at the Wicihita State University, CIDESI and CIATEQ. Thesis: “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Study on Friction Stir Welded Plates of AA6061-T651 Aluminum Alloy” in collaboration with CIDESI
  2. 2. ® Entry Customer Engineer Apr. 2006-Aug. 2008 General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro Generator New Units Engineering® Early Talent Identification Program - Master Scheduling Nov. 2005- Apr. 2006 General Electric Infrastructure Queretaro Steam Turbines COE® Research Internship: Friction Stir Welding June-Aug. 2006 Bicultural Summer CONCYTEQ 2006 CENAM, National Metrology Center - New Fabrication Technologies LabTRAINING® Environmental Leadership for Competitiveness Program Aug. 2009-Today Co-organizer and participant. CIDETEQ, Research and Technological Development in Electrochemistry Center in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Secretariat (SEDESU) and the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat (SEMARNAT).® Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Principles Apr. 2011 STRATEGO Consulting. Accredited by the STPS.® High-Technology Incubation Program Dec. 2009-Aug. 2010 Business Incubator- Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro With the assistance of MBA Armando Robles Marín, Sales and Business Development Manager for Turboreactores S.A. de C.V.® High-Technology Pre-Incubation Program Aug. 2010-Apr. 2011 Business Incubator- Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro With the assistance of MsBS. Rafaela Bueckmann Diegoli, Head of the Enterprises Creation School, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro. May, 2010® Course “Good Practices in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” SEMARNAT/ Instituto Tecnológico de León. Certified on Refrigerant Gases management and handling on the Information and Follow-up of Ozone Depletion Substances System (SISSAO)® Leadership Development Program of the Society of Automotive Jan. 2005 Engineers-SAE Phoenix, Arizona.LANGUAGESSpanish – nativeEnglish – 92% - ITP TOEFL Score: 623 points.French- Basic.
  3. 3. OTHER EXPERIENCES AND AKNOWLEDGEMENTS Member of the Advisory Council for Queretaro’s Climate 2011 Change Mitigation and Adaptation Program. CLIMATE Climate Champion. British Council. Climate Generation 2010-2011 CHAGE Organizer of the “Plant-for-the-Planet/I Matter March” 2011 Event Chair. Professional Group SAE Bajío . 2009-2010 Leader of the Education Program “A World In Motion” 2005-Today Member of the Council for the SAE R6 Section founding. 2009-2011 Math & Science vicechair. Professional Group SAE Bajío 2008-2009 SOCIETY OF Member of the Baja SAE team – Instituto Tecnológico deAUTOMOTIVE Querétaro ENGINEERS Participant on the National SAE Events: Mexico and Queretaro, 2004 and 2005. 2003-2005 Participant on the International SAE Event: Mini Baja West, Portland, Oregon, 2004. Participant on the International SAE Event: Baja SAE 100 Miles, Arizona, 2005. Women in Technology Co-Leader 2007-2008 GENERAL GE Volunteers: Gathering of School Supplies for Zenthés School at Cadereyta, Querétaro. 2008 ELECTRIC GE Vounteers: Gathering of sponsors for DIFs Christmas Program "Adopt a Kid" 2007 "FUNDACIONES", with Change Generation andVOLUNTEERING Queretaros Youth Institute. 2003-2005 "DIF MÓVIL" with Queretaros State DIF 2009-Today