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Eden scott how to build a tech start up


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Eden scott how to build a tech start up

  1. 1. Eden Scott : How to build a Tech Start Up Craig Jackson | Client Operations Manager | March 2014
  2. 2. Introduction Client Operations Manager Craig Jackson
  3. 3. Market Dynamics Key figures  99.3% of Private Sector Companies in Scotland are classed as an SME  As a sector is employees over 1.09 Million people  That equates to 54% of Total Private Sector Employment in Scotland  SME’s also deliver nearly 40% (37.7%) of the Total Private Sector Turnover in Scotland
  4. 4. Candidate Attraction – The Challenges
  5. 5. Candidate Behaviour Changes Placement Source % FY 08-09 % FY 12-13 Job Boards 59% 39% Eden Scott Database 14% 18% Referral 8.5% 14% External Database 7% 10% LinkedIn 1% 8% Eden Scott Website 0.5% 7% Headhunt 10% 4%
  6. 6. 60% of Equity Gap’s decision making is based on the top team in an early stage company. These are the people that we are investing in to deliver the plans they have sold us. We need to believe that they can do it, we do not want to spend time and money helping to create the team.” Jock Millican, LINC Scotland Chairman and Gatekeeper of the Equity Gap angel syndicate.
  7. 7. The “Dream Team” The Challenge: • Where do you find them? • In the main this is a Hidden market • We all live in a “passive candidate” market • Very relationship and network centric
  8. 8. The “Dream Team” The good news is the candidates are out there! • Large corporate retirees who want to add value • Entrepreneurs like yourselves who have been through the cycle • Business advisors and mentors • Non executive Directors • Scottish Enterprise • The Saltire Foundation • The investment community • Chambers of Commerce • Recruiters • Andrews team here at Alba • The Global Scot network
  9. 9. Summary At the right time The right skills The right person
  10. 10. Contact Us Eden Scott Website Twitter LinkedIn
  11. 11. Thank You