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Handling graphic imagery in the newsroom


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How to look out for colleagues (and yourself) when working with graphic imagery – as presented at the 2016 Online News Association annual conference

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Handling graphic imagery in the newsroom

  1. 1. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY
  2. 2. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY There is more graphic imagery to filter than ever before… Credit: Sam Dubberley
  3. 3. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY …and we’re not ready Credit: Sam Dubberley
  4. 4. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY When is it most traumatic? (Emhub Study) • When they were not expecting to see something horrific. • When they were repeatedly exposed to distressing content. • When they were looking for or at distressing content which was then not subsequently used in news output, reporting or advocacy campaigns. • When content reminded the individual of personal experiences or was in some way connected to them. • When the audio in a video contained sounds of human suffering such as screaming or people begging for their lives. Credit: Sam Dubberley
  5. 5. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY The personal impact can be profound Credit: Sam Dubberley
  6. 6. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY Personal care
  7. 7. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY Ensure that, before introducing new social media newsgathering techniques into the newsrooms, ensure that the potential for viewing more distressing or traumatic content is taken into account. Ensure workflows for introducing video on to general servers includes warnings of traumatic content. Ensure staff rotation policies are in place so staff are given breaks from viewing distressing or traumatic content during shifts. Also ensure that viewing social media is not left to one staff member during any given shift. Advice for managers
  8. 8. @ajreid | | @firstdraftnews | #ONA16 HANDLING GRAPHIC IMAGERY Further reading
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