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Programme Assurance


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Programme Assurance overview with the aim to de-risk and to achieve more delivery certainty on projects to meet time, cost and quality constraints.

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Programme Assurance

  1. 1. Programme Assurance Early warning of key delivery issues…
  2. 2. Introduction Alastair Cruickshank Duddingston Kerr Limited
  3. 3. "Regular assurance is important to the successful delivery of projects, providing an independent challenge, bringing in expertise external to the project and helping identify major risks. Assurance can provide comfort that a project is on track to deliver or, conversely, identify remedial action required or even recommend that a project be halted or rebaselined".
  4. 4. The Programme Assurance function brings a range of benefits including; • Early warning of key delivery issues • Reduced exposure to risk • Improved governance • Improved quality of product deliverables • Improved status reporting • Higher level of delivery confidence amongst key stakeholders • Increased delivery maturity and capability through exposure to past experience and best practice
  5. 5. What can you expect from Programme Assurance? • Remain independent* from projects • Work in collaboration** with projects and the programme • Use the right assurance intervention at the right time for the right reasons • Provide a view of delivery confidence • Work in close co-operation with Internal Audit and Risk • Support projects and/or the programme transitioning between Gateways • Support projects and/or the programme in preparation and execution of an audit or review • Provide support and guidance on using delivery frameworks *The definition of 'independent', in this context, is external to the project and thus not part of the project team. **The Programme Assurance function is intended to be collaborative. Conclusions and recommendations will be reached as a partnership between the programme assurance manager and project manager.
  6. 6. Themes that the Programme Assurance function can review include: • Organisation and Governance • Scope and Requirements Management • Leadership and Stakeholder Management • Business Case and Benefits Management • Planning, Estimating and Dependency Management • Risk and Issue Management • Finance and Budget Management • Quality and Configuration Management • Resource Management • Solution Architecture, Strategy, Design and Delivery • Procurement and 3rd Party Management • Transition to BAU and Support
  7. 7. Assurance Reporting Keep stakeholders engaged with timely updates Publish and make information readily available Report findings and observations accurately As well as key findings, observations, progress and issues, reports successes too