Alaska Spring Grizzly Horseback Hunts


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Join Pioneer Outfitters for the 90th Anniversary Spring Grizzly & Black Bear Hunts. Deep inside the remote Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountains of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve for an incredible hunt for the amazing Grizzly Bear. Since 1924, Pioneer Outfitters has safely guided clients and guests in pursuit of their dreams.

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Alaska Spring Grizzly Horseback Hunts

  1. 1. SPRING GRIZZLY & BLACK BEAR HUNT Pioneer Outfitters Chisana, Alaska
  2. 2. Master Guide Terry Overly Pioneer Outfitters Welcomes you, to Chisana, Alaska For Spring Grizzly & Black Bear Horseback Hunts.
  3. 3. Since 1924, Pioneer Outfitters have been safely guiding people to their dreams.
  4. 4. The color phases of Grizzly Bear run from the Toklat (seen here) to Black. Chisana is located on the Southern side of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve.
  5. 5. A Grizzly Bear may be harvested every year in our area, instead of one every four years as in many areas of Alaska. The Grizzly Bear population supports this harvest. These are true Mountain Grizzlies, they never leave the Chisana Valley.
  6. 6. The cold breeze that is always blowing off the glacier ice makes the Grizzly’s coats prime, thick and silky, no matter what season.
  7. 7. Pioneer Outfitters has lived year-round in the very remote, very exclusive Chisana Valley. All of our Big Game Hunts are conducted on Horseback. This allows for a great advantage and great comfort on our Hunts. Our average Grizzly Bear is between 7.5 feet and 8’1”. An 8.5 foot Grizzly is a large bear for us.
  8. 8. Spring Grizzly has the advantage of claws that haven’t dug in the dirt for months.
  9. 9. Good binoculars and patience is what it takes to be a good Grizzly Bear hunter.
  10. 10. We hunt by spot and stalk method. You do not need hip boots to hunt Grizzly here. Our area is 55 by 65 miles. Experienced, Licensed Alaska Guide by your side.
  11. 11. The Great Northern Grizzly Bear. Ursus Arctos Horribilis.
  12. 12. Grizzly Bear Hunting at it’s best. Black Bear may be taken at no extra charge to your Hunt. We gain so much light during that time in the Interior of Alaska and the warm temperatures make for enjoyable and comfortable days hunting.
  13. 13. Book YOUR Alaska Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt now!