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Pioneer Outfitters keeping in touch and keeping you in the loop.

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2010 news

  1. 1. PIONEER OUTFITTERS 2010 The News Mas ter Gu Pion ide Te eer rr PO Out y Over info@pioneeroutfitters.com November 2010 Tok Box fitters ly , Al C aska ZN 997 T 80 (90 ELEPH 7)- 734 ON A reality Show -00E 07 that finally shows the reality Introducing: of professional guiding and what Real Woods Alaska goes on “behind the scenes” and A Dean West Production, Pioneer Outfitters’ own, into making a Extreme Pro Team Guides Horse Pack trip or horse hunt work “What is going on up there?”Between the urge to do more and go further for family vacations, the new reality show being filmed herein Chisana since early 2010, and the folks that had put off their big game hunts for a couple of years, our 2011 AND 2012 schedules are filling already.The cameras are rolling and life A rainy summer day, walking the goat trail from the gold mines...continues, no re-takes, no lookingaway when things get a little tense,we are doing what we’ve alwaysdone~ what comes next.The Summer Pack Trips and FallPhoto Safaris are a hit with familiesand individuals that want to have awilderness adventure and know thatthey are in the company of fun,knowledgable, experienced and Home sweet home, Chisana Master Guide Terry Overlyprofessional guides.We are river-rafting into the Yukon(so bring your passports!!), Whether you are going on a Summerfinishing up 2010’s paperwork and Pack Trip, a Winter Excursion or alooking forward to next year and Horse back Hunt, Pioneer Outfittershave very high hopes for the 2011 will do their best for you, then, weSeasons. (...and opening the will give you more. Because that isMountain Caribou herd is still being what we do.discussed!) Pioneer Outfitters, PO Box CZN, Tok, Alaska 99780 | 907-734-0007 | www.pioneeroutfitters.com
  2. 2. PIONEER OUTFITTERS! PAGE 2 Manager and Guide Amber-Lee with trainee Zachariah, moving horses to winter graze Tim Fadul with his 40” 14” base ram.PAPERWORK UPDATE !! walking a bit helps, more than most peoplePioneer Outfitters will no longer be selling realize, but nothing really does it exceptAlaska Hunting / Fishing / Trapping more riding.licenses!! We have been vendors for yearsand with the changes in our world, it is just SCHEDULING CHANGES ARE COMING FORtoo much beurocracy! Don’t worry, we’ll HUNTS! We are always working hard for our hunterslead you through it and help you make sure to have the best opportunities for theyou have everything you need when youarrive. trophies that your dreams are of, and the next step we will be taking is to lengthenHORSES, HORSES, HORSES!! our hunts. We are working right now toI was told two different times this fall that I change the 10 day time frames into 12 dayshould make sure that people know what time frames. There is no guarantee thatthey are getting into! Folks, this is a Horse- this will be in effect for 2011, but I willPack-Trip-Hunting-Outfit!! We use horses k e e p yo u p o s t e d a s I ge t t h eon ALL of our trips, excursions and hunts! information. We have to work with theI am asked quite regularly, “What can I do opening and closing seasons dates of theto get into shape for this trip?”, the response animals and with the actual number ofis always, “RIDE”. By the time you are days we can hunt. Our clients being happyready to get on the plane at the end of your and successful is and has always been firsttrip, your butt will just about be ready to go and formost with us here at Pioneerriding. If you have the means, before you Outfitters. We believe this is an excellentcome on any of our trips, go riding. plan.Toughen up your butt! (and your knees!) Weare typically in the saddle for 4-8 hours a “Trust in God, but tie your horse.”day, every single day. If you are not used to ~Anonymousit, it hurts. Getting off your horse and Pioneer Outfitters, PO Box CZN, Tok, Alaska 99780 | 907-734-0007 | www.pioneeroutfitters.com
  3. 3. PIONEER OUTFITTERS! PAGE 3 To sum up the 2010 Fall Hunting Season, after 19 years with these guys... WRITTEN BY: AMBER-LEE DIBBLE, MANAGER / GUIDEOur 2010 Fall Hunting Season was a hide and seek, got a bit wetter than and showing up at camps leaving notestough one. Tough on the guides and on usual and did the job. No relief from of hellos and admiration for the campour clients. The Dall Sheep were high the weather this fall, but we harvested set ups and the horses left in camps forand away and “almost there” (guide- some real beauties getting ready to go the day. It was nice having Masterspeak for not legal). The Grizzly Bears to their new homes. After so many Guide Terry Overly in the field guidingwere doing what Grizzly Bears do, years doing what we do, the way we do this fall. Truth be told, he did somewhich is makin’ babies (can’t shoot ‘em it and being really good at what we do major scrambling to keep things onif they have young-uns) and traveling tends to spoil us for the endless hunts track in all the different camps andaround (can’t shoot ‘em if you can’t see with worried clients. A Professional checking in at the Lodge every couple‘em). The Alaska-Yukon Moose, guide knows that his (or her) first of days, but it was fun for everyone andhowever, were an even bigger bugger to priority is always to be in tune with the it is always a learning experience todeal with! They didn’t come out of the client. When a client is worried, day have him guide. Pioneer Outfitters hadtrees and didn’t hit the rutt on time this after day, hunting day after day, it some outstanding individuals for clientsyear. We all hunted hard and harvested worries the guide. Not because the this last fall and it was a pleasure tosome terrific trophies, but the over all guide is worried about the outcome, hunt with them. It is one of the reasonsfeeling of the guides for our clients this but the state of mind of the client, the this is a great life. Meeting people whoyear was disappointment. So, we “get up and do it again” that the client are clients, most of us do, but spendingchased longer and higher, tracked has in him. The residents were busy the time with them that we do isfurther and glassed endlessly, played elsewhere, so that was a plus but the something really valuable and cool. NPS and rangers were out and about Some Trainees just don’t get it!! Bears aren’t the only ones stealing groceries! Pioneer Outfitters, PO Box CZN, Tok, Alaska 99780 | 907-734-0007 | www.pioneeroutfitters.com
  4. 4. PIONEER OUTFITTERS! PAGE 4 Go on with their jet setting, WEATHER PERMITTING Weather permitting. Way up in Alaska wherever you are, If you’re headed out close or you’re Whether you’re working or playing around headed out far Flying through the mountains or over the sound And you’re going by plane you can add In what kind of season your travels are hitting, (and it’s fitting) I will guarantee this, it’s I’ll be there Good Buddies, Weather permitting. Weather permitting. It gets in your blood wherever you go. It could really care less what you’re So I said to my Sweetie how I love you so! planning or doing; She said I adore you, come close An operation, oration, a wedding or wooing. where I am sitting When you go to the airport, you may And I’ll do what you want, need your knitting, Weather permitting. For you’ll only be flying, Weather permitting. When the grim reaper comes, I can see it all clear. I’ve fretted and stewed, I’ve stomped I’m alone in my shroud, happy heaven is near. on the floor, I’ve shouted and screamed I’m coming Saint Peter, this old and I’ve started to roar, world I’m quitting, But you’ll always face this, it’s I’ll be along soon, Weather permitting. Weather permitting. So don’t get disheartened in the far golden north ~ Author Unknown If you suffer delay as you sally forth. Just learn to relax without fretting or quitting. You can depend on one thing, it’s Weather permitting. When the rich folks come with their clothing so fine, With their high fashion wardrobes and fine French wine, They’ll stop for awhile then continue their flitting, Pioneer Outfitters, PO Box CZN, Tok, Alaska 99780 | 907-734-0007 | www.pioneeroutfitters.com
  5. 5. Pioneer Outfitters 2010 SeasonPioneer Outfitters, PO Box CZN, Tok, Alaska 99780 | 907-734-0007 | www.pioneeroutfitters.com