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Proyecto Eco-footprint: la huella ecológica de un hospital


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Boceto de presentación para el Proyecto Eco-footprint: la huella ecológica de un hospital
Autor: Jaime Alapont

Published in: Technology, Business
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Proyecto Eco-footprint: la huella ecológica de un hospital

  1. 1. Consorcio Hospital General Universitario de Valencia 1512 - 2013 Jaime Alapont Abogado. Comité RSC del Departamento Valencia-Hospital General the eco-footprint of the oldest hospital in Spain
  2. 2. memory In the early XV century, Valencia had several hospitals so that the poor were better cared 1512 were united in only one privilege of King Fernando el Católico bulla of Pope Leon X
  3. 3. who loses the memory of its past hardly can build their identity for the future
  4. 4. present reference in a specialty: dermatology and stomatology: Comunidad Comunidad Valenciana cardiac and thoracic surgery: 1.198.000 & 1.100.000 medical care for 372.000 more… referral hospital in all specialties for: Hospital Requena: 50.917 Hospital Xàtiva: 195.817 Hospital Alcoi: 138.381
  5. 5. our territory
  6. 6. our management model
  7. 7. corporate social responsibility (rsc)
  8. 8. green office & rsc committee develop programs and actions aligned with the mission / vision / values ​​of the hospital and the expectations of stakeholders changemakers
  9. 9. trust management social economic sustainability green office human resource
  10. 10. best technology, similar waste
  11. 11. technical edge & waste production
  12. 12. risk waste BIOCONTAMINATED: Its 25% hospital waste. Generate up to 3 kg / bed / day. They have high microbial load.
  13. 13. risk waste SPECIALS: Its 15% of hospital waste. Its a danger to be corrosive, flammable, toxic, reactive, pose a major threat to the health of people.
  14. 14. process of waste management Segregation Internal transport Internal storage External collection Treatment
  15. 15. environmental good practices Promote sustainable mobility The hospital is surrounded by bike stations, Subway and bus We incorporate environmentally friendly vehicles to its fleet of cars forming home care.
  16. 16. environmental good practices
  17. 17. environmental good practices The remodeling of the cogeneration plant reduces power consumption by 20% Changed fuel to natural gas, which is more efficient and less polluting Will save some 320.000 euros in 2013 compared to 2012
  18. 18. environmental good practices We avoid the felling of 19.000 trees recycle paper before, now we are a paperless hospital
  19. 19. environmental good practices Promote citizen participation. Our motto is participate to respond to your expectations
  20. 20. environmental good practices Energy Efficient Timing of all outside lighting. Detecting presence in bathrooms Centralized control of cold and heat production Rational consumption of water Timed taps downstairs Pavilion A. Paperless Hospital Using the internal network (Intranet) and digital signage Implementation of a system for collection, segregation delivery manager all paper and cardboard discarded for recycling. Separate collection systems for users Installation forecast green dots Internal analysis for the placement of crusher-compactor of cans and plastic, with vending vending machines. Commercial Cleaning Using biodegradable cleaning products, with little impact to the environment.
  21. 21. thanks! Facebook: VALENCIA Twitter: @HGUVALENCIA YouTube: TALGENERALGVA