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Build	  Your	  Own	  Corpus	  English	  for	  Specific	  Academic	  Purposes	  Alannah FitzgeraldClare CarrJeff Davidson   ...
Specific	  EAP	  vocab	  (UEFAP)	  
ConverJng	  .pdf	  into	  .txt	 
Ctrl/cmd	  select,	  copy	  &	  paste	  
Save	  as	  .txt	  
File	  conversion	  warnings	  –	  ignore	  	  
ConJnue	  with	  .txt	  save	  
Range	  text	  analysis
Raw	  frequency	  lists	      h"p://	  	  
Building	  your	  own	  corpus	  -­‐	  AntConc	                   h"p://	  	  
AntConc	  soYware	  	     h"p://	  	  
AntConc	  video	  tutorials	       h"p://	  	  
AntConc	  keyword	  list	  tool	    h"p://!	  	  
Which	  corpus/tool/resource?	  Word	  definiJons	  &	  frequency	           General	  English	  Word	  families/derivaJves...
h"p://    AlannahOpenEd/	  	  
Build your own corpus
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Build your own corpus


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Corpus tools and collections using open educational resources

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Build your own corpus

  1. 1. Build  Your  Own  Corpus  English  for  Specific  Academic  Purposes  Alannah FitzgeraldClare CarrJeff Davidson h"p://    
  2. 2. Specific  EAP  vocab  (UEFAP)
  3. 3. ConverJng  .pdf  into  .txt
  4. 4. Ctrl/cmd  select,  copy  &  paste  
  5. 5. Save  as  .txt  
  6. 6. File  conversion  warnings  –  ignore    
  7. 7. ConJnue  with  .txt  save  
  8. 8. Range  text  analysis
  9. 9. Raw  frequency  lists   h"p://    
  10. 10. Building  your  own  corpus  -­‐  AntConc   h"p://    
  11. 11. AntConc  soYware     h"p://    
  12. 12. AntConc  video  tutorials   h"p://    
  13. 13. AntConc  keyword  list  tool   h"p://!    
  14. 14. Which  corpus/tool/resource?  Word  definiJons  &  frequency   General  English  Word  families/derivaJves   General  Academic  English  CollocaJons  &  grammaJcal  pa"erns   Specific  Academic  English  PreposiJons   Academic  Word  List  analysis  Phrase/collocaJon  searching   Academic  Word  List  checking  Phrase/collocaJon  saving   Specific  Academic  English  analysis  Phrase/collocaJon  checking   Building  &  saving  your  own  corpus  
  15. 15. h"p:// AlannahOpenEd/