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Jobs for life

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Jobs for life

  1. 1. Jobs for life….. where? Most jobs that existed 20 years ago aren’t needed now. The country has been out of a recession since 2009. Four years now. But the jobs have not returned …..why? The middle class is dead innovation and the global economy are better than ever.
  2. 2. Jobs for life….. Where?technology has taken over for the paper shufflerRobots are the new middle classA boss pays only enough to keep you returning thenext dayDon’t stay at the job for safe salary increases, overtime.That will never get you where you want
  3. 3. Jobs for life….. Where? Count right now how many people can make a major decision that can wreck your life! Start planning TODAY how to create your own destiny instead of allowing people who don’t like you to control your destiny. A job is merely a stepping stone to gain valuable skills to set up on your own Just Over Broke J.O.B.
  4. 4. Jobs for life….. Where? If you are employed you are selling time and time is limited Until you choose yourself for success, and all that choice entails, you will be locked into the prison When you are in those situations: You need to plot out your exit strategy.
  5. 5. Jobs for life….. Where? I can’t just quit, I have to do this! Everyone has a choice! Start a part time business Learn to crawl, then walk, the run Globalisation or the flattening of the world
  6. 6. Jobs for life….. Where? The Internet has given everyone a voice What to sell? Innovation everyone must create something of value Entrepreneurs spend more time educating themselves than entertaining themselves
  7. 7. Jobs for life….. Where? Never too late to learn a new skill Business opportunities are everywhere Never a better a time to start working for yourself But do you have Investment? Do you need Investment? Many opportunities are minimum investment Minimum risk
  8. 8. Jobs for life….. Where? I left my job in 2003 and never looked back.. We have many different opportunities for people from all backgrounds all over the world Follow me for more info on opportunities online:    