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How to earn cash from biz find


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How just about anyone can improve their SEO, find a new client and make money buy submiting lead requests and getting competitive quotes back!

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How to earn cash from biz find

  1. 1. How to earn cash from Biz-find
  2. 2. Business Directories are sooo boring
  3. 3. People only add their business because: They believe it helps their SEO They hope someone may contact them All the above are true, but hardly motivating is it? But what if there was a way for you to find business, and for business to find you?
  4. 4. Presenting: Biz-find leads exchange
  5. 5. We have buyers and sellers together on Biz-find We have incentives given to our database to tell us what they want to buy We then share these contact leads to our visitors who can contact them directly and immediately!
  6. 6. It’s a win-win for all of us
  7. 7. Member buyers who posted the lead get paid! Sellers get new potential client leads! Biz-find gets paid! Buyers also get competitive quotes for services and products!
  8. 8. There’s an opportunity for anyone to make money, even Mum’s at home!
  9. 9. We pay 70 THB for each lead we publish! When your pot reaches THB 1,500 just tell us how you want to be paid, simple as…
  10. 10. People at work, buyers could stand to make a lot
  11. 11. Even if you are not a registered member you can find you next client right now on Biz-find. We regularly have people wanting to buy Condos and Houses, people needing legal services and accountants, printers etc!
  12. 12. • So why are 10,000 people a month choosing Biz-find? You can add your business free, with web links all social media telephone images etc. You can submit an article and we share to millions on social media with a link back to you. You can upgrade and get twice weekly sharing to social media You can get paid to add leads Or you can find leads, contact them and find your next client. All on one website: